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PowerFlex family technical white papers

Summary: Technical documents produced by Dell Technologies.

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Announcement: This page is no longer updated regularly. Visit our new location on the Dell Technologies Info Hub where you can find the latest technical content for our storage and data protection products. 

This page is a frequently updated collection of technical white papers and other documents that are related to Dell PowerFlex (formerly VxFlex OS) and the PowerFlex family (formerly VxFlex family).

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PowerFlex VSI Overview (video)
This video describes the Dell Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI), which is a plug-in that extends the VMware vSphere Client, allowing users of the vSphere Client to perform Dell storage management tasks.

PowerFlex integration with CloudIQ (video)
This video provides an overview of the integration of PowerFlex with CloudIQ.

PowerFlex Resilience: Bend but do not Break
​This video explains the principles behind PowerFlex's superb resiliency to unexpected failures and shows what happens when a drive fails.

FAQ/CSI Driver for PowerFlex
This FAQ applies to version 1.2.0 of the CSI Driver for PowerFlex.

PowerFlex: Introduction to Replication
Dell PowerFlex software-defined storage version 3.5 adds native asynchronous replication. This paper provides an overview of PowerFlex replication technology along with deployment and configuration details as well as design considerations for replicating PowerFlex clusters.

PowerFlex: Networking Best Practices and Design Considerations
This document describes core concepts of Dell PowerFlex software-defined storage and the best practices for designing, troubleshooting, and maintaining networks for PowerFlex systems, including both single-site and multi-site deployments with replication.

PowerFlex: Maintenance Modes
PowerFlex software-defined storage provides multiple options for performing maintenance on SDS nodes in a PowerFlex cluster. These options give storage administrators flexibility during maintenance operations while ensuring peace of mind. This white paper compares the maintenance modes in PowerFlex software-defined storage systems.

PowerFlex: Snapshots
This paper provides an overview of snapshots in PowerFlex software-defined storage. It pays special attention to time-based secure snapshots, their uses, and restrictions in the overall context of PowerFlex’s snapshot architecture.

VxFlex Family Overview
This document provides an overview of the VxFlex family and explains the performance, resilience, and flexibility of VxFlex systems.

VxFlex OS Product Introduction
This paper contains an introduction to the architectural, reliability, and performance elements of Dell VxFlex OS.

Oracle RAC on VxFlex OS: Optimal Design and Implementation Details
This paper describes optimal Oracle configurations and parameter settings when deployed on Dell VxFlex OS.

VxFlex OS 3.0 New features: Snapshot Best Practices
This paper describes new snapshot features in Dell VxFlex OS v3.0 including snapshot schedules, snapshot and cloning use cases, design considerations, and recoverability.

VxFlex OS 3.0 New features: Volume migration and limitations
This paper is a handy reference guide which describes the new volume migration feature in Dell VxFlex OS v3.0.

VxFlex OS 3.0 Compression, Volume Migration, and Snapshot Policies (video)
This demo video addresses new VxFlex 3.0 features including compression, space efficiency, volume migration, and snapshot policy management.





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