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How to Replace a Coin-Cell Battery on Your Dell Laptop

Summary: For help with replacing the CMOS (coin-cell) battery on your Dell laptop, see the documentation of your computer.

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NOTE: Before performing any of the procedures in this section, read and follow all safety instructions in the User Guides.

If a new battery is installed improperly, it might damage the device. Ensure that the battery is oriented correctly in its socket before removing it, and only replace it with batteries of the same type. Dispose used battery properly as per local regulations.

Without touching the system board, pull the battery out of its socket using a plastic pry tool. Ensure you place the plastic pry tool between the battery and the socket when attempting to remove the battery from the socket. Otherwise, the system board might be damaged by prying off the socket or by breaking circuit traces on the system board. To avoid damage to the battery connector, firmly support the connector while removing the battery.

For information about how to remove and then replace the CMOS (coin-cell) battery in your Dell laptop, see the documentation for your computer, and then search for CMOS battery or coin-cell battery, and follow the instructions.

NOTE: You may have to search for both CMOS battery and coin-cell battery to see any results. To make the search box appear, press and hold the Ctrl key and press the F key.

See the Dell Knowledge Base article Manuals and Documentation for your Dell Product, for information about how to obtain and view the documentation for your Dell device.

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26 Feb 2024



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