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Dell Thunderbolt Dock (WD19TB/WD19TBS,WD22TB4) and Apple USB-C Hosts

Summary: A guide for providing guidance on using an Apple USB-C host (example: MacBook Pro) with the Dell Thunderbolt Dock WD19TB and WD22TB4 explaining the limitations or issues one mightSee more

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This article provides guidance on using an Apple USB-C host (example: MacBook Pro) with the Dell Thunderbolt Dock WD19TB/WD19TBS/WD22TB4 and explains the limitations or issues one might encounter when using them together.

Table of Contents:

  1. Functionality
  2. Limitations
  3. Dual Monitor Setup
  4. Support




The Dell Thunderbolt Dock with v1.0.14.1 update (which includes NVM43 firmware) was certified by Apple through an independent third-party laboratory to work with Apple USB-C hosts. The known functionality provided by the dock when connected to an Apple USB-C host is outlined below.

Apple USB-C Host External Displays Port Functionality
MacBook Pro, MacBook Air w/
Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports
Up to Dual 4K@60Hz*
Up to Single 5K@60Hz
Thunderbolt, USB & Ethernet
MacBook w/ USB-C port Up to Single 4K@60 Hz** USB & Ethernet
iPad Pro w/ USB-C port Up to Single 5K@60 Hz** USB & Ethernet***

Table 1. Apple USB Type-C dock functionality

*Refer to the Dual Monitor Setup section below for more information on dual monitor connections through WD19TB/WD19TBS/WD22TB4.
**Connection to the monitor should happen through DP/HDMI/USB-C port on the dock, not through the Thunderbolt port.
***Refer to Apple support pages for the list of USB connections/devices supported by iPad Pro.

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Below are some known functionality limitations when using WD19TB/WD19TBS/WD22TB4 Dock with Apple USB-C host systems. A comparison with Dell commercial notebooks is shown to clearly bring out the limitations

Functionality Dell Commercial Notebooks Apple USB-C Host
Multi-Stream Transport (MST) support for monitors "Extended Desktops" mode Yes No (workaround required*)
Dock power button emulates system power button Yes No
Dock cable LED Yes Yes
Power Delivery Up to 130 Watts Up to 90 Watts
Audio through 3.5mm headset jack** Yes No
MAC address pass-through Yes No
Wake on Dock Yes No
Wake on LAN Yes No
Firmware update via system native OS (Firmware Update Utility) Yes No (Must be connected to a Dell Windows OS system)

Table 2. WD19TB/WD19TBS dock functionality comparison when connected to a Dell Commercial Notebook vs. Apple USB-C Host

*Refer to the Dual Monitor Setup section below for more information on dual monitor connections through WD19TB. Dual external monitor support is not available on MacBooks with M1 chip due to a limitation of the M1 chip.

** WD19TBS/WD22TB4 are not equipped with 3.5mm audio connections.
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Dual Monitor Setup


To connect to two monitors in "Extended Desktops" mode, connections should be made only in the way as shown in either of the figures below. This limitation is due to lack of support for Multi Stream Transport in MacOS.

Figure 1. Dual Monitor Setup-1 with WD19TB/WD19TBS dock connected to an Apple USB-C Host

  • For an extended dual monitor setup (up to 4K@60Hz), one monitor must be first connected via the DisplayPort port (DP/HDMI/USB-C port) and the other monitor must be connected via the Thunderbolt port on the dock.
  • The displays are mirrored if both the monitors are connected via the DisplayPort on the dock (i.e., DP and HDMI (or) DP and DP (or) DP and USB-C).

Figure 2. Dual Monitor Setup-2 with WD19TB/WD19TBS/WD22TB4 dock connected to an Apple USB-C Host

*This setup uses daisy chaining with Thunderbolt monitors
SLN320770_en_US__3icon Note: USB Type-C cable / adapter connecting to Thunderbolt port on the dock to the monitor is not included with the WD19TB/WD22TB4 dock.

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Dell Technical Support can troubleshoot when Dell docks are used with Dell systems but cannot troubleshoot when Dell docks are used with non-Dell systems. For non-Dell computer system issues, contact the computer manufacturer. In this case, Apple.

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Dell Thunderbolt Dock - WD19TB, Dell Thunderbolt Dock – WD19TBS, Dell Thunderbolt Dock – WD22TB4

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12 May 2022



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