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Dell Precision Tower 3420 Owner's Manual

Assigning a system password and setup password

You can assign a new System Password and/or Setup Password or change an existing System Password and/or Setup Password only when Password Status is Unlocked. If the Password Status is Locked, you cannot change the System Password.

NOTE: : If the password jumper is disabled, the existing System Password and Setup Password are deleted and you need not provide the system password to log on to the computer.

To enter a system setup, press <F2> immediately after a power-on or re-boot.
  1. In the System BIOS or System Setup screen, select System Security and press Enter.
    The System Security screen appears.
  2. In the System Security screen, verify that Password Status is Unlocked.
  3. Select System Password , enter your system password, and press Enter or Tab.
    Use the following guidelines to assign the system password:
    • A password can have up to 32 characters.
    • The password can contain the numbers 0 through 9.
    • Only lower case letters are valid, upper case letters are not allowed.
    • Only the following special characters are allowed: space, (”), (+), (,), (-), (.), (/), (;), ([), (\), (]), (`).
    Re-enter the system password when prompted.
  4. Type the system password that you entered earlier and click OK.
  5. Select Setup Password, type your system password and press Enter or Tab.
    A message prompts you to re-type the setup password.
  6. Type the setup password that you entered earlier and click OK.
  7. Press Esc and a message prompts you to save the changes.
  8. Press Y to save the changes.
    The computer reboots.

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