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VMware vSphere ESXi 7.x on Dell EMC PowerEdge Systems Image Customization Information


Dell EMC custom add-on 7.0 U3 package A02

NOTE:For instructions to download the Dell EMC add-on 7.0 U3 package A02, see Downloading Dell EMC add-on package from Broadcom Portal.
Table 1. Dell EMC add-on 7.0 U3 package A02Dell EMC add-on 7.0 U3 package A02
Product name Dell EMC add-on 7.0 U3 package A02
Version A02
Release ID DEL-ESXi-703 _19193900-A02
File name
Release date January 31st, 2022
Component details
  • dell-configuration-component:7.0.0-A00
  • dellemc-osname-idrac-component:7.0.0-A00
  • dellemc-fac-dcui-component:7.0.3-A00
Broadcom components
  • Broadcom-bnxt-Net-RoCE
Intel components
  • Intel-i40en:
  • Intel-icen:
  • Intel-igbn:
  • Intel-ixgben:
  • Intel-ixgben-ens:
  • Intel-irdman:
Mellanox components
  • Mellanox-nmlx5:
QLogic components
  • MRVL-E3-Ethernet-iSCSI-FCoE
  • MRVL-E4-CNA-Driver-Bundle
  • MRVL-QLogic-FC
Storage components
  • Broadcom-lsi-mr3:7.719.02.00
  • Broadcom-lsti-msgpt35:
  • Broadcom-dell-shared-perc8: 06.806.92.00

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