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Most frequently asked questions

  • There are several reasons that your Dell Order maybe delayed:
    • Payment Processing:If we are unable to process your payment, this will delay the production of your order.
    • Shipping Method:Please note that shipping method you chose at the time of purchase is applied AFTER your order has completed production/packaging. Your order may not be delayed. The Estimated Delivery Date communicated to you at the time of purchase provides you an estimate of when the product will reach you.
    • Part Shortage: Dell may experience part shortages on popular products or when our suppliers experience delays.
    • Weather/Natural Disasters:These delays may impact Dell’s part suppliers or your order after it ships. (2)
    • Overseas Shipment Leadtime (461) –Order shipped from Overseas location may have an extended Leadtime and EDD
  • Enter your order number or Dell Purchase ID above for the most current status of your order. To help you manage your order refer to the "Action Menu" to initiate return, request a cancelation or contact Customer Support.

Payments are declined by your banker for various reasons and are outside of Dell’s control. To protect your security and privacy, your banker cannot provide information about why your payment was declined.

It is not unusual for this to happen, and the most common reasons are listed below:
  1. Card issuers may flag any unexpected activity on your account, such as online orders or high value purchases, regardless of the amount of funds available.
  2. Cards have limits on how much money can be charged or accessed in a single day. Regardless of available funds in the account, your banker may require you to request a higher purchase limit to complete the transaction.
  3. Please contact your banker if your payment was unsuccessful or declined.

  • As soon as you have submitted your order, the delivery address is verified.
  • To help prevent fraud, we cannot change the delivery address after your order is submitted and verified.
  • If you won’t be available to accept delivery, you can arrange for another adult to take delivery on your behalf — as long as it is at the same address.

  • Missing or Wrong Items- Your order may have been shipped in multiple packages and still be in transit.
    • To see the status of your entire order and verify if there are additional packages still in transit, you can check your order status by entering your order number or Dell Purchase ID above.
    • If your full order has arrived and something is missing or wrong, please make sure you check the items that you have received against the information on your Packing Slip, Invoice and/or your Order Confirmation email.
    • You can download a copy of your Invoice and or Packing Slip from the Action Menu by entering your order number above.
    • If you still can’t locate a missing item or have a different item than listed on your order, contact Customer Support from the Action menu.
  • Damaged: If you have received your order in a damaged box and/or the product has physical damage please contact Dell Customer Support by entering your order number above and clicking on Contact customer care from the Action Menu.
  • Please include photos of the damaged box/and or product when contacting Customer Support.
  • If an item in your order does not have physical damage but is not functioning properly or will not power on, please contact Dell Technical Support.

Invoices are available 48 hours after the order ships. A copy of the invoice is emailed to your registered email as soon as the order has invoiced.

  • Online: Online: To download your invoice enter your order number above and select View Invoice from the “Action Menu”.
  • If your order is outside of 6 months of your order ship date, please contact Customer Support from the “Action Menu” and we will send your invoice to you via email.

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