Dell Ambassadors: Your Insider’s Guide to Dell Technologies World

Join our Dell team members as they provide an insider’s perspective on our flagship event.

As we gear up for our biggest event of the year, we’re excited to introduce you to eight Dell team members attending Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas, May 20-23.

Our Dell Ambassadors program collaborates with impactful team members with social media influence to enhance the brand’s visibility across social media. Throughout Dell Technologies World, these ambassadors will share real-time insights and captivating moments from the event, offering an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the excitement and innovation unfolding.

Vilma Gonzalez, Ihab El Ghazzawi, Michael O’Hanian, Alyson Freeman, Jessica Pettigrew, Gerald Zapata, Nick Brackney and Maria Renton-Abu bring a wealth of expertise spanning AI, Dell APEX, edge, sustainability, consumer marketing and more.

Vilma Gonzalez
Vilma Gonzalez

We sat down with each of them to get a glimpse of what excites them about Dell Technologies World this year.

Vilma Gonzalez, Director, Global Consumer Campaigns

“There is so much to be excited about this year. With the vibrant discourse around AI, I’m eager to delve into our speakers’ perspectives on taking advantage of AI in their creative endeavors, poised to spark innovations within their respective domains.”

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Jessica Pettigrew
Jessica Pettigrew

Jessica Pettigrew, NativeEdge Business Development Executive 

“Over the last few months, I have talked to many customers who are having challenges at the edge; I am excited this year to see the focus on AI at the edge and how we can harness the NativeEdge software platform to deliver our customers more innovation. Secretly, the gamer in me is super excited to decompress at the Alienware booth to enjoy some friendly competition with other attendees.”

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Michael O’Hanian, Client Technology Specialist/Expertise in Client Technology and End-User Services 

Michael O'Hanian
Michael O’Hanian

“I attended Dell Technologies World for the first time last year, and it was truly eye-opening. I’m especially excited about this year’s event, and I look forward to attending. There are so many things to learn and see, but I am most fascinated to experience assistants and the tangible impact they are having on customer experiences. These AI-powered assistants are revolutionizing customer service through seamless interactions and personalized recommendations. I am looking forward to learning of all the ways they are enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business efficiency across different sectors. There is no way you won’t be excited to see that.”

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Ihab El Ghazzawi, Regional Director, Global Sales Enablement – Multicloud and as-a-Service Portfolio 

Ihab El Ghazzawi
Ihab El Ghazzawi

“I’m excited to engage in conversations around AI and innovation. AI and innovation can seem daunting, especially to those unfamiliar with the technical intricacies. I aim to demystify these terms using relatable analogies and real-world examples. I’ll share compelling stories that demonstrate how AI affects our daily lives, as narratives are key to connecting theory with real-world experiences. Lastly, innovation thrives in diverse ecosystems. Part of my role is to be that connector, fostering collaboration between technologists, business leaders and creative minds, because remember, innovation blooms when ideas collide and cross-pollinate.”

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Alyson Freeman, Customer Innovation lead, Sustainability & ESG

Alyson Freeman
Alyson Freeman

“There will be several sessions that cover the topic of AI and sustainability. I cannot wait to talk with customers and partners about how our end-to-end approach to sustainability can transform organizations to enable them to achieve their goals sustainably and learn from them as well.”

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Nick Brackney, Generative AI Marketing Lead

Nick Brackney
Nick Brackney

“Really all the announcements – I can’t really choose just one to get excited by, and that’s what’s really cool about Dell’s approach to AI. AI is going to transform every aspect of how business gets done and no one has the breadth of solutions Dell does to address that all. You’ll hear about innovations that will bring new levels of productivity to knowledge workers, and then on the other end of the spectrum, I think you’re going to see some great announcements that change the game for rapidly training or fine-tuning models. We can help organizations with all aspects of their business and right-size the infrastructure to meet their unique needs.”

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Maria Renton-Abu, Global Messaging Solutions Consultant for AI Client Solutions

Maria Renton-Abu
Maria Renton-Abu

“This is my 10th year working at Dell and I have gone to countless Dell Technologies Worlds. The thing I’m most excited about this year is that AI will truly be front and center. It’s like Coachella but AI – it’s AI-chella!”

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Gerald Zapata, Director, Social Media Flagship Handles

Gerald Zapata
Gerald Zapata

“As an experienced DJ transitioning into music production, I am very excited for the Music & AI: A Partnership in Harmony‘ session with industry luminaries Chainsmokers, T-Pain and our CMO Gerri Tunnell, where they will explore AI’s revolutionary impact across the music industry. As both a DJ and music producer, I heavily rely on our high-performing XPS and Alienware products for all my music creation and mixing needs. I’m excited to witness the unveiling of cutting-edge technologies that empower creators and fellow producers like myself.”

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Dell Ambassadors not only bring expertise but also a contagious passion for sharing our remarkable journey. From exclusive behind-the-scenes access to thought-provoking content, follow Vilma, Jessica, Michael, Ihab, Alyson, Nick, Maria and Gerald on their social-first journeys into the latest innovations and industry trends at Dell Technologies World.

Eva Zelaya

About the Author: Eva Zelaya

Eva Zelaya is a seasoned social media and communications strategist with a diverse background in technology, sports, multicultural marketing and advertising. In her current role managing the Dell Ambassadors program, she spearheads partnerships with Dell’s most influential team members, driving brand initiatives through employee-generated social content. Previously, Eva led Dell’s Small Business Influencer program, showcasing her talent for fostering impactful connections within the industry. Eva holds an M.S. from the University of Miami. Eva resides in Miami, FL.