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How to remove HDD Password Optiplex 755

Hi. The mother of a friend came today with an Optiplex 755 in which one of her grandson configured a HDD Password and which of course he forgot.

She's telling that there's an important picture of her late father in the HDD so I don't want to mess with tools putting in danger the HDD information.

Obviously it's a very old PC, sold in second market. 

What I had done was:

First removed the Jumper for the PSWD connector near the Sata port and the chipset, not luck.
Second I've remove the Battery for the CMOS, didn't work.


So can somebody point me in the right direction?





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Re: How to remove HDD Password Optiplex 755

Hi @Nehemoth ,

Check this and this. Both cases show that Dell Tech Support may able to erase the password after providing them the system service tag and personal information. You may try to contact them.

“May the Force be with Dell.”
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Re: How to remove HDD Password Optiplex 755

Thanks @bmcowboy will try that.

I've already called but not working right now. Will try to reach then using email or something because when they will be available I will be outside home.

Let's hope isn't something expensive as obviously the desktop doesn't have a warranty or a contract attached.

Maybe someone from Dell reach out later to me.

Again, thank you very much.


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