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Dell Dock WD15 service tag

Hi, I bought Dell Dock WD15 and I wanted to add it to my account on, but I cannot find service tag. On device is only PPID. How can I find service tag for this device? Thanks for answer.
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So what is the verdict on this?  How are we supposed to know if this docking station is in-warranty or not? I have one that I know is less than a year and is no longer working. How do we locate the service tag or express service code if there is none?DELL WD15 Docking Station.jpg

Same here, WD15 dock acquired in May 2018 does not have service tag printed at the sticker on the bottom.

Hello, my purchase in this website: <Non-public info removed>, warranty dell is very good product, i prefer this.

Is there any news on this? I have a brand new WD15 but no Service Tag

Hello - this seems to be an ongoing problem. Have you any solution yet? Many thanks

I have 2 WD15s that no longer work and should be under warranty, they are not even a year old.  One has a  SVC, PPID and express service code and the other just has a PPID code.

None of these codes work when look up the warranty.  I'm figuring a good ol fashion phone call would do the trick to get them replaced....well hopefully.

What's up Dell? What's your response? the good people are waiting!

It seems that DELL have washed their hands of support on this topic as there has been no further correspondence, they were shown that the new batch stickers have no service tags. We have recently purchased over 200 of these docks and they all have no service Tag, only the PPID and MAC Address. You cannot look them up on dell support anywhere using the PPID or parts of it. Also note, there is another PPID on the outside of the box, it is DIFFERENT to the PPID on the bottom of the dock and also cannot be used as an identifier. How can we do online warranty status checks without this information and without having to sit on the phone for 30 minutes each time? Come on Dell, at least help us out.

I have contacted the Dell Moderator (Jesse) twice about this issue suggesting that he close the discussion thread. It is quite obvious that due to a manufacturing fault that a large number of these docking stations have been delivered to customers without service tags.  However, Dell has no interest in solving the problem, so basically we are wasting our time trying to get them to sort it out.  As you say - they have washed their hands of the issue.

I just phoned up Dell Support and gave them the PPID number and that was good enough, they could find all the details from that and they are sending a new Dock out.

I had a slightly different experience than that the 2 times I called in the last month. Both times I gave the PID and both times I was told they needed the order number or the Service Tag of the device that connects to it. I used service tag of the laptop it was for and they logged it against that. These docks are the biggest piles of junk. I've found with screen flickering and the dock disconnecting from the laptop that 9 times out of 10 the actual cable from dock to laptop is the issue. There is some kind of tollerance issues with the cable and laptop. To fix it I can change out the cable from another dock and it is then fine in the same laptop, that faulty cable is then fine in a different laptop in a different dock too.
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