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Lost windows XP disc and drivers disc for this 2004 Dimension 8300.  When I try to burn a new cd get the message "The disc in the drive is not a writable CD or it is full...".  I know the cd is blank and writable.  I thought I'd try reloading the drivers for the CD ROM but can't find the right drivers on dell.com to reload.  It plays recorded CDs okay.

The only CD/DVD driver I found is TEAC DVD+RW DV-W58E which I downloaded successfully.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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Not sure if you still need help, but I am searching for backups of every single driver I might possibly need, as I have some lovely mal-ware on my computer that likes to make almost every program I use inoperable after the first use.

Anyway I would check this site out first and foremost: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-56886.html 

It was the only website I found that had the drivers for the GCE-8483B, which is the same CD-RW drive I have on my Dell.  Also, the manufacturer of this model is Hitachi, if that helps any further.  However, as my CD drive works perfectly at the moment, I will not be installing the drivers I've downloaded from this website until a later date, when I get tired of my computer being infected, and wipe everything.  So hopefully it works for you.  If you haven't found another solution yet, and these drivers do/do not work for you, please let me know at <ADMIN NOTE: Email removed per privacy policy>  so I know whether or not I have a secure set of drivers. (As the Audio Drivers on my Dell CD did not work for my computer, I'm just  making sure the drivers I put on a back-up will work.)

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Hi, Gameplayer:

The link you gave is for a firmware update, not drivers. The drivers for all optical drives are generic to XP.

If you need drivers for your Dimension 8300, all of the drivers can be downloaded from here.

Hope that helps.

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