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What's the largest capacity drive(s) I can install as Raid 0 on a Dimension 9100?

Recently I noticed one of the original Dell installed HDD on my RAID 0 configured Dimension 9100 would show "an error occured" on booting, so after making a full back up, I think I need to swap in some new drives.  I tried installing 2x 1TB drives, they were recognized in the BIOS, but I couldn't configure them as RAID 0.  I called Dell tech support, we tried to configure the drives, then I was told to flash the BIOS (which I did, didn't work), and/or 1TB drives are not compatible with this system, they're too large.  I'd like to know if anyone here might know what the largest capacity drives are suitable, or if there's a way to make 1TB drives configurable as RAID 0 on a Dell Dimension 9100.    

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