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August 12th, 2018 22:00

Inspiron 7560- 3 Amber, 5 White Blinks

Dear sirs, kindly advice me about how to solve the Start Up issue of Inspiron 15 756 Model. While Power On button pressed, Battery light LED Blinks in the format like 3 times in Amber color and 5 times in White color.

Then found, for Start Up, i need to plug charger with Laptop and Press the power button for 5 Secs. Then release the Power Button, then again normally press Power Button. Now its starting as normal way.

But this kinda method is not permanent. So please help to resolve this issue friends. Thanks you.

January 17th, 2021 07:00

Posting this particular solution to serve anybody that can experience similar symptoms.

It seems like the power source evaluation from some old BIOS firmware, in the moment of the initial power up on a heated hardware, is leading to incorrect fast diagnostic and ending up with the wrong type of led indication - 3 amber and 5 white blinks.

In my case that was the old BIOS version 1.3.2 on a Precision 7550 platform. It could be some old BIOS on another platform as well - like Inspiron 7560, where that led code has exactly the same meaning.

A simple BIOS update to version 1.6.2 resolved the issue for me.

From all of the above, the BIOS update could be a logical first troubleshooting step, before to conclude that the laptop mother board really needs a replacement!

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April 17th, 2024 18:00

Based on the article 'A Reference Guide to Inspiron Laptop Diagnostic Indicators,' this pattern indicates Power Rail Failure. In such instances, we recommend reaching out to Dell support or a trusted service provider to replace the system board.

If you still need assistance, please contact support by clicking the ‘Get Help Now’ button located at the bottom right corner of the page. The button is marked with a help icon for easy recognition as per the picture below: 


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August 13th, 2018 08:00


The first thing you should do is run a Full (Complete) diagnostic test to check all hardware on the system. This will run a stress test on all hardware devices which goes even deeper to find any possible hardware issues. You could do this by following the steps in link below.

Dell Diagnostic Tests (Official Dell Tech Support):

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August 13th, 2018 08:00

If the diagnostic tool doesn't find any hardware issues:

Please power off system. Remove AC adapter, all peripherals such as an monitor, external mouse, flash drive, printer, external drive, speakers. Replace AC adapter, power on system, hopefully no more blinking lights.

If the troubleshoot step fix the problem then I suspect that one or two of the devices connected to system cause the problem. 

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August 13th, 2018 12:00

Thank you for your message. I will be glad to assist you.


Have there been any recent BIOS changes made?


Please check the status of the battery & AC adapter in BIOS.


Run a hardware diagnostic by following the steps provided by LSUFAN51 & check if there is an error message.


For my reference, please click on the message tab next to your avatar– click “New Message” & search for my Dell username (Dell-Sreejith R) & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.


What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it?


August 20th, 2018 23:00

In BIOS Setup, self checked, Everything is in normal condition only its showing. Like Battery condition, CPU Thermal etc. Still having same issue while startup. What caused this problem in Laptop, dont know. Is any other options sir to find out the cause?

August 20th, 2018 23:00

Same checked sir, Dell Diagnostic didnt show any kinda errors in result.

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August 21st, 2018 10:00

Could you please check if the light status is 2 amber & 5 white or if it is 3 amber & 5 white? If it is the former it could be caused by a faulty memory.


Please run a custom test on the memory. After the basic diagnostic click yes for extended memory test, this takes about 30 minutes to complete.


Below is the list for the led error codes.






Please share the service tag along with the registered name & email address on private message.


September 14th, 2019 15:00

The same problem I am facing. Sometimes it boots up normally but sometimes it doesn't, giving the same led codes (3 Amber, 5 White Blinks). Once it boots up it works perfectly fine. and if I restart it also restarts normally. But if I shut it down for more than a couple hours say like 6 hours it won't boots up. I went to service centre they told me to replace the motherboard as they can't find the problem. And to make the situation worse my laptop is out of warranty. Also, the motherboard is not even available anywhere. Don't know what to do

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September 15th, 2019 19:00

Same problem in dell 15 7000 series please assist

September 26th, 2019 11:00

If you get the solution of the above please message me. I am struggling right now.

April 21st, 2020 20:00

It was this for me.

2 amber and 5 white indicated faulty memory

The laptop was brand new, didn't successfully boot into Windows at first, then wouldn't post.

I opened up the laptop and lo and behold, the memory was not seated correctly and barely clipped in. 

Reseated the memory, and am going through oobe right now.

Thank you

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June 20th, 2020 21:00

i have a similar problem, and it has been manifesting on and off for years. Plus, I have had the motherboard replaced. 

I had my Dell Inspiron 14 7460 (manufactured and bought in 2017) serviced under warranty back in 2018 just before the warranty lapsed.

After some email exchanges with support, Dell did replace my motherboard. When I asked the technician who went to do the service at my house why not check out other problems, he did say that it is their standard procedure for the problem. At that time, my laptop just won't power on at times, and without doing anything, it will power on without problems at times. I did not get the blinking lights manifest before that. If after powering on my laptop, the status light won't show the white light, I know the laptop won't power up. If it lights up, It will power up. 

It was fine after the replacement for maybe about half a year, but would have the problem every now and again after that. One of the suggestions I read over one of the Dell message boards is to open the laptop, disconnect battery connector, press power for a few seconds, and this usually worked for me before and after the motherboard replacement. 

Recently, the problem manifested again with the laptop not powering off, and these past times, it did show the blinking lights, and yes it is 3 amber and 5 white blinks; not 2 amber and 5 white blinks. I also got the 3 amber and 1 white blinks for the CMOS battery failure. I replaced it already. In the diagnosis, I also see that my battery is already weak, but I don't want to replace it if the problem would persist and the solution is to have another motherboard, which would be expensive off warranty; not to mention the difficulty of sourcing it. I cannot even find a listing for the battery in the Dell website. Also, as I moved to a different country now, I cannnot seem to get local support as my Support Tag is linked to a different country. 

Also, opening the laptop and doing the battery disconnect thing is not working as much as before. 

Today I tried to turn it on, and it refused to turn on, maybe I will try again tomorrow.  I had to get another laptop as I don't think it will get better anytime soon. 

July 15th, 2020 21:00

I have this same problem with my insipiron 5567. Can you tell me how was the issue solved in your case?


August 10th, 2020 17:00

I have the same problem but will not power on at all.   Any help would be much appreciated.

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