• Workforce Innovation

    • Workforce Innovations for Engagement and Collaboration

    • In order to help remote employees feel fully engaged they need to be enabled with the right workforce innovations to connect and work anytime, anywhere from any device. When you consider that engaged top performers are as much as 47 times more productive than their peers, it’s easy to see the impact that you can have on the success of the overall business. A critical element of achieving this high level of engagement across the organization is a connected workspace of applications for efficient communication and collaboration that’s simple to manage.

      Communication: We can help you to quickly design, deploy and integrate a unified communication solution as part of your virtual workspace. Addressing the needs of both business and IT, we can enable your entire workforce with a cost-effective fully converged solution that can integrate with or replace your current platforms for email, voicemail, telephony, audio and video conferencing. An easily scalable modular solution with a unified interface that keeps your widely scattered remote employees connected and engaged as a single team in a virtual workspace.
      Collaboration: Dell Technologies is one of the largest resellers of the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem. Through us you’ll have access to support and managed services fueled by the experience of thousands of transformations. Our expert consultants can help you identify which apps within Office 365 are the best fit for your organization, which deployment options will best meet your requirements, and identify and resolve any infrastructure issues. Beyond the obvious user productivity benefits of this powerful workforce innovation, it will generate significantly improved economics by shifting your virtual workspace from a CAPEX model to agile OPEX model.
      Integration: With the rapid proliferation of powerful mobile devices, it is mandatory that your digital workplace be able to simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device so your remote employees can easily complete their work over the cloud. VMware Workspace ONE powered by AirWatch integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management. You’ll be able to factory provision a new device and ship it directly to a new employee located anywhere in the world in minutes, onboard that employee in under an hour, get insights and automation capabilities as well as the ability to set and enforce access and data policies across all apps, devices and locations – and you’ll be able to do all of this from a single screen. Now that’s workforce innovation!

    • Dell Technologies Cloud: Integrated Cloud Platform

      Dell Technologies Cloud is a hybrid cloud solution that simplifies operations and improves cloud economics through a consistent management experience.

    • Workforce Innovations that Inspire Productivity

    • There was once a time that it was corporations that had all the coolest new technologies. Over the last few decades the explosion of personal computing put mind-bogglingly powerful machines into every home, then onto every lap, then into everyone’s pocket. And it did so while exponentially increasing capabilities, capacity and connectivity at every step. As a result, consumers developed incredibly high expectations of their devices and brought those expectations to work driving legacy enterprise solutions to a none-too-early end. Now it’s all about to change again as Gen Z, the first generation to never know a world without the internet, joins the workforce. What do they expect? We’d be happy to show you:

      • OptiPlex Desktops. Versatile form factors, custom configurations, 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and AI optimization, OptiPlex desktops deliver a smarter, faster desktop experience.
      • Latitude Laptops. A family of next-generation devices featuring the world's smallest, lightest and most intelligent 15" business laptop or 2-in-1.
      • Precision Workstations. The number one workstations in the world now smaller and more intelligent than ever.
      • UltraSharp Monitors. Top-tier monitors, including the world's first 49-inch dual-QHD monitor, crafted with innovative design and technology for ultimate performance.
      • Pro Grade Tools. For unwavering durability, maximum productivity and immersive performance.

    • Innovative Ways to Pay for Workforce Innovations

    • Dell Financial Services provides innovative payment and consumption solutions to small businesses and global corporations. Our end-to-end solutions span the entire Dell Technologies portfolio of hardware, software and services. Our payment solutions allow organizations to align and scale the cost of workforce innovations with consumption and budgets. Unlike cash purchases, our flexible payment solutions are more fluid, allowing you to be much more nimble in the management of workforce services by freeing you from fixed capital budgets and line-item approvals.

      • Payment Flexibility Program. 24-36 month 0% financing for datacenter infrastructure products and services, 90-180 day deferrals, 6, 9 or 12 month leases, and other programs to help you manage cash flow while delivering workforce innovations.
      • Flexible Consumption Solutions. Flex on Demand to only pay for what you use, Pay as You Grow to support forecasted growth, Datacenter Utility to establish a pay-per-use environment across your entire IT infrastructure.
      • Technology Refresh. PC as a Service combines hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into a predictable monthly cost, Fair Market Value Leases lower the total cost of computing while ensuring you always have the latest workforce innovations.
      • Owner Financing. Leasing, loans and Dell Business Line of Credit to manage cash flow by spreading payments for digital workplace solutions over time.
    • SD-WAN Solution powered by VMware

      Transform networking with SD-WAN Solution powered by VMware, a simple and powerful all-in-one solution.

    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

      VDI edge to core to cloud VDI solutions empower your workforce and deliver secure, high-performance computing experiences.

    • Work from Home Services

      Accelerate employees’ productivity and collaboration from home with Dell Work from Home Solutions