• Dell Logistics Services

    • New systems delivered where you want them, when you want them, the way you want them.

      Dell's logistics services complement your receiving and deployment capabilities to ensure that your products arrive on time and ready to deploy. Our logistics services enable you to pre-determine the delivery to an exact location at a pre-set time, including after business hours1. You can schedule your IT resources to be in place when you need them — on the exact day the new systems arrive.

    • Logistics Services Key Benefits

      • Hardware arrives at the right place and time
      • Pre-determine the delivery to an exact location at a pre-set time
      • You can have IT resources in place on the exact day the new systems arrive
      • With such precision, you can confidently schedule deployment and staff IT resources
    • Dell Logistics Services Details

    • What We Offer Purpose Benefits What You Get
      Order Consolidation

      Consolidate multiple orders into a Single purchase order and delivery.


      • One purchase order for multiple product orders
      • Dell hardware
      • Software and peripherals
      • 30-day temporary storage

      Ship box labels


      To help you keep track of new PCs, prior to shipping we apply asset tags and shipping box labels.
      • Track systems from our factory to the end-user without opening the box.
      • Standard labels with most popular fields
      • Barcode data allows systems to be scanned into hub services for record keeping and onward distribution.
      Drop-in-the-Box We simply add the appropriate documentation or peripherals to the shipping box for each product you order.
      • Receive your products with the relevant documentation, and peripherals already properly collated


      • Security locks
      • Cables
      • Mouse, mouse pad, keyboard
      • Documentation




      Integrate multiple packages into one larger package, while keeping the original unit packaging.
      • Simplifies intake at your receiving dock.
      • Reduces onsite waste and recycling cost
      • Maximize warehouse storage capacities
      • One shipping box containing many products rather than one shipping box for each product.

      Custom Pallets and Crates


      We can create custom pallet configurations for customers that need “non-standard” pallets.
      • To meet delivery location limitations
      • Comply with local regulatory requirements
      • Sized for unique product configuration or combinations.

      Custom Delivery


      This service is designed to meet unique shipping logistics or delivery requirements such as unique trucking and specific on-time delivery not usually covered via standard options. If you have offices in multiple countries, we can ship systems to each site, even to your end-user’s desk and provide the required Tax and Export compliance documentation.
      • Sized for unique product configuration or combinations
      • To meet delivery location limitations
      • Comply with local regulatory requirements
      • Advanced Notification
      • Time Specific Delivery (date, time, after hours, weekend)
      • Unpacking
      • Package Removal
      • Inside Delivery
      • Region Specific Pallets
      • De-palletization
      • Lift-gate delivery