Data, data everywhere, but not an insight to be seen

Could this be the new rhyme for data scientists? Listen to key experts across industries to learn how you can overcome persistent data challenges and ultimately become a data champion.

By Janine Wegner, Thought Leadership at Dell Technologies

Are you overwhelmed by data and cannot turn it into insights? You are not alone. For many businesses, data is a burden rather than an opportunity according to the 2020 Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index. Amidst a comprehensive list of barriers to transformation, senior leaders across the world ranked “data overload/unable to extract insights from data” as the third highest barrier to transformation, up from 11th place in 2016.

If this trend continues–despite the agreement that data is a business’s greatest asset–data could paradoxically become businesses’ number one barrier to transformation.

To dig deeper into how businesses can get a better grip on handling the deluge of data and potentially become a data champion, Matt Baker, senior vice president, strategy and planning for Dell Technologies, invited Brian Hopkins, vice president and principal analyst from Forrester, and Sally Eaves, author, global strategic advisor and professor for emerging technologies, to a vivid LinkedIn Live conversation.

Listen in to get answers to some key questions:

  • Why are most businesses not treating data as capital or prioritizing its use across business today?
  • What are the skills gaps around data that businesses are facing today? How can we close them?
  • Since data is a team sport, what does that mean for leaders and team members? Have you found anything that data champions do well in this area?
  • How can we make sense of the need for businesses to deal with the imminent arrival of masses amount of data?
Watch the LinkedIn Live replay ‘Data, Data Everywhere – How Can Businesses Make Sense of It All?’
Watch the LinkedIn Live replay ‘Data, Data Everywhere – How Can Businesses Make Sense of It All?

The conversation closed with a “mad minute” of tips from our experts on what you can do today to go from data novice to data champion. Here are some examples:

  • Skills readiness is the move from novice to champion. And to do that, you need to undertake a data literacy audit. Look at data literacy levels across the organization but also the data confidence and skills levels – and then act on it. ” – Sally Eaves
  • “As a tech executive, have a data-as-a-service vision and then demand the delivery and right technology from your vendors.” – Brian Hopkins
  • To pivot to the new world, the 4th industrial revolution, you need to use data to build insights and new business models. The time is now.” – Matt Baker

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