Dell EMC Webinar: Challenges of Video Surveillance

The market of video surveillance has been growing for years. As camera quality gets better, more storage is needed. With Dell EMC you’ll find the best partner in video surveillance storage systems. Join our free webinar on Nov. 15th!

Your video surveillance system will face certain challenges in the near future. According to major trend research there are several changes going on: Standard-definition will move to high-definition in CCTV and network equipment, as well as aggressive price competition.

Forecasts say that the world market for video surveillance equipment will grow by 7 % this year. As regards end-users, investment in city surveillance spending is likely to be fuelled by security and counter-terrorism initiatives too. As the use of video surveillance cameras grows, so does the demand for higher image quality and longer retention times. Of course that amount of additional data also requires secure storage as well as high quality management solutions.

With Dell EMC you’ve got the right partner. For many years we have been the world market leader in providing enterprise video surveillance storage. The market continues to see growth with more cameras being installed as organizations, businesses, and governments desire to deter, protect, prosecute and predict with their surveillance systems.

Dell EMC is your ideal partner in surveillance storage technology. The Dell EMC VSS1600 Surveillance Storage is an affordable, simple, and reliable storage for your network. It’s able to record and manage terabytes of video from distributed locations.

You may also count on Dell EMC Isilon Video Surveillance Solutions when you need to efficiently store, analyze, and manage massive amounts of video surveillance content. Isilon makes it simple to manage terabytes to petabytes of digital video storage at the core of your IP surveillance network.

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Dell EMC also provides a live & free Webinar on November 15th about the certain matter: The invisible challenges of video surveillance.


This webinar takes a look at how organizations and cities handle their video surveillance. This webinar’s hosts, Nigel Steyn and Fredy Issaa, are looking at the examples of Greater London, Paris CDG Airport and Dubai Mall, amongst others.

A peek behind the cameras shows you two main important points. One is how to compensate increasing camera resolution with enough storage space. This gives the data you collect a place. You’ll learn more about the Systems mentioned above. The other point is a system that keeps you from employing scores of people staring at screens – instead, you use a system based on predictive analytics to make recommendations, run by just a handful of people no matter its size.


The advantages of this over just having a camera in place are limitless. The fact that you don’t depend on real time data allows you to make specific searches for important details, like a car license plate, later on- no matter whether you are working based on a tailored or a scalable system. Also, there are several market opportunities for video surveillance!

Sign up for a session with subject matter experts from Dell EMC. Nigel Steyn and Fredy Issa will introduce to the latest developments as well answer any questions you might have.


Tuesday, November 15th
12:00 p.m. CET, 03:00 p.m. GST

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