Rushmore Electric Power Cooperative

    • Continuous replication for mission-critical systems

    • Rushmore Electric wanted a faster, comprehensive data protection that would improve service to their members. To keep vital electrical grid and load-monitoring systems available, they needed point-in-time recovery. By modernizing with Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) and RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines (RP4VMs) they reduced nightly backup time from 2+ days to 6 hours, shortened daily admin time from 3 hours to 30 minutes, and can back up about 2x as much data in the same amount of storage capacity. RP4VMs replicates mission-critical systems for any-point-in-time recovery.

    • “We tried to build our own solution and it was a nightmare... Then we started looking at the IDPA, and wow! It was a no-brainer for us.”

      Sean Crooks, Systems Administrator, Rushmore Electric

    • Allowing for data recovery anytime

      Rushmore Electric provides electricity and services that keep a regional co-op functioning for eight local electric companies. The company can now continually replicate critical electrical grid monitoring systems for any-point-in-time recovery.

    • Protecting double the data, exponentially faster

      Rushmore Electric’s previous solution left half its data unprotected and exceeded its 13-hour backup window by days. With Dell EMC, the nightly backup window stays around 6 hours, and mission-critical systems are replicated for any-point-in-time recovery.

    • Real-time protection, peace of mind and time savings

      We talk with Sean Crooks, Systems Administrator for Rushmore Electric, about working from home, the importance of data protection, finance and time savings, and the benefits Rushmore Electric has enjoyed as a result of switching to Dell EMC.

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    • Customer: Rushmore Electric Power Cooperative
      Industry: Utilities
      Location: United States

    • This company participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.