• DATA PROTECTION and backup

    Enhancing Cyber Resilience through Multicloud Data Protection

    AI-powered resilience built for a Zero Trust world.

    • Dell Technologies delivers cyber recovery, backup, disaster recovery, long-term retention, and more to help you protect all your data and applications.

    • Data Protection and Backup Portfolio

    • Software

      Data protection software to secure all of your data wherever it lives.

      PowerProtect Data Manager

      Next generation software designed to protect modern workloads in on-premises, virtualized and multicloud environments including in-cloud and cloud-native applications.

      Data Protection Suite

      A complete suite of software solutions for the greatest flexibility and choice in protecting business critical applications across physical, virtual and multi cloud environments.

    • Appliances

      Data protection appliances to meet the needs of any size organization.

      PowerProtect Appliances

      Choose target data protection appliances designed for performance, efficiency, scale and compatible with all major backup software applications or all in one integrated data protection appliances complete with software and storage that are easy to deploy and operate.

    • Dell APEX

      Data protection as-a-Service, scale on demand, pay as you go.

      APEX Backup Services

      SaaS based data protection, offering backup and disaster recovery with infinite scalability and controllable costs.

      APEX Protection Storage for Public Cloud

      Industry-leading software-defined data protection storage for public clouds for performance, efficiency and scale.

      APEX Data Storage Services Backup Target

      Take advantage of fast backups, high compression levels, and advanced deduplication - while only paying for the storage you need.

      APEX Cyber Recovery Services

      Dell-managed cyber recovery solution includes the hardware, software, and services needed to protect critical data – all in one convenient subscription.

    • Meet specific challenges of a constantly evolving IT landscape

    • Explore Cyber Recovery

      Protect critical data from cyber attacks and ransomware, identify suspicious activity, and perform data recovery with easy-to-deploy management and automation software.

    • Explore Multicloud

      Discover innovative multicloud data protection solutions with the broadest protected workload ecosystem, from legacy data to cloud-native applications.

    • Explore VMware

      Dell empowers organizations with the freedom to confidently plan their modern data protection strategies through constant innovation, agile engineering, and tight integration with VMware.

    • Innovative data protection technology that saves time and resources

    • Transparent Snapshots

      Ensure availability of all your virtual machines at scale without business disruption.

    • Dynamic NAS Protection

      Innovation to achieve improved SLAs through simple, efficient management of NAS backup and recovery.

    • Smart Scale

      Manage multi-exabyte data protection environments for capacity and performance optimization.

    • Storage Direct

      Increase backup performance and efficiency for Dell PowerStore.

    • Recovery Orchestration

      Simple, flexible and granular restores for your virtual environments.

    • Kubernetes Protection

      Discovery, protection and management of production workloads in Kubernetes environments.

    • The partnership that The Kraft Group has with Dell Technologies for data protection simply means ease of management for this entire environment.

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    • Data Protection Guarantees

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