• NVMe

    • NVMe: the next revolution in data storage

    • IT transformation and digital transformation are creating significant changes in data storage – and raising expectations about NVMe technologies. Next-generation workloads that leverage big data analytics, cloud-based platforms and mobile computing are driving new performance requirements for storage media. Technologies like real-time analytics and transaction-oriented databases that are sensitive to latency are likely to be among the fastest growing storage workloads over the next few years. And while organizations have been relying on all-flash arrays to meet current performance requirements, the limitations of these systems will make NVMe the next revolution in data storage.

      NVMe, or non-volatile memory express, is a standardized high-performance software interface for PCI express solid-state drives (SSDs) that use non-volatile memory (NVM). Offering greater storage throughput and lower latency, NVMe represents the next evolutionary step for flash storage media and next generation storage class memory media.

      While the choice of vendors offering NVMe solutions today is limited, increasing demand for NVMe technology will bring large numbers of start-up vendors to the market. But organizations seeking an NVMe solution with scalable and mature enterprise-class features will want to look to established technology providers with proven, mature platforms. That’s where Dell stands out. 

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    • The benefits of NVMe technology

    • Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) is an open logical device interface for accessing non-volatile storage media attached through a PCI Express (PCIe) bus or switch. First released in 2012, the NVMe specifications are designed to enable host hardware and software to fully exploit the levels of parallelism that are possible in modern solid-state drives and multi-core Intel Xeon processors. 

      Flash-based storage systems tend to use SAS (serial-attached SCSI) links to communicate with flash media. This legacy protocol was originally designed for use with slower hard disk drives and while it can be used for communicating to flash, it is not optimal or efficient. NVMe takes advantage of the microsecond latency provided by all-flash arrays and eliminates the SCSI bottleneck. By significantly reducing the latency of traditional flash-based infrastructure, NVMe can better equip organizations to manage the extreme demands of next-generation workloads.

    • PowerMax NVMe data storage

    • As a global leader in data storage solutions, Dell provides the world’s fastest storage array in PowerMax. Featuring a future-proof architecture with end-to-end non-volatile memory express (NVMe) and built in machine learning, PowerMax delivers new levels of performance and efficiency and offers six-nines of availability, data-at-rest encryption, massive scalability and best-in-class data protection.

      NVMe enables PowerMax to deliver unprecedented levels of performance, with up to 10 million IOPS , 350 GB per second bandwidth , and predictable response times of 290 microseconds for mixed workloads . NVMe maximizes the power of a multi-controller all-flash array and opens the door to the next media disruption with support for storage class memory (SCM), which offers performance that is an order of magnitude improvement over current technologies.

      PowerMax comes in two models:

      • PowerMax 2000 is an ultra-dense data storage platform for housing mission-critical workloads.
      • PowerMax 8000 is designed for massive scale and enterprise-level consolidation, with the ability to mix open and mainframe block and distributed file system workloads. 

    • Why customers choose PowerMax with NVMe

      1. Future-proof architecture. PowerMax comes standard with a multi-controller scale-out architecture with end-to-end non-volatile memory express to maximize performance of modern media. Organizations that buy PowerMax today can add NVMe over Fabric and SCM drives for the high levels of performance and scale.
      2. Intelligent software. PowerMaxOS features built-in machine learning that leverages predictive analytics and pattern recognition to maximize performance with no overhead.
      3. Ultrafast performance. PowerMax is the world’s fastest storage array for OLTP, decision-support, real-time analytics and virtualized applications.
      4. Optimal efficiency. PowerMax delivers 5:1 storage efficiency, thanks to the latest global inline de-duplication and compression technology.
      5. Mission-critical availability. PowerMax is designed for six-nines availability, enabling organizations to avoid unplanned downtime altogether.
      6. Unmatched security. Data-at-rest encryption secures every drive, while access controls and role-based authorization ensure that data is secure with PowerMax.
      7. Massive scalability. PowerMax scales up to 4 PB of effective capacity to consolidate block, file, open systems, mainframe and IBM i workloads on a single platform.

    • PowerStore is end-to-end NVMe-ready

    • Designed to leverage next-gen innovations such as end-to-end NVMe and dual-ported Intel® Optane™ solid state drives (SSDs), PowerStore delivers the performance headroom and scalability you need to ensure long-term value through multiple solution lifecycles.

      PowerStore’s versatile architecture, unique in the data storage industry, provides unmatched versatility of deployment combined with scale-out as well as scale-up expandability to address the impacts of growing performance as well as capacity requirements.

      • Performance optimized: with up to 7x more IOPs4 and 3x lower latency for real-world workloads compared to the previous generation of storage platforms.
      • Greater storage efficiency: providing 4:1 data reduction rate, backed by the Future-proof guarantee.
      • Advanced application infrastructure flexibility: unique ability to host VMware-based applications on the Powerstore appliance with AppsON.

    • Take the worry out of buying NVMe storage

    • The Dell Future-Proof Loyalty Program provides organizations with assurance that their investment in Dell Storage with NVMe will provide value for the entire lifetime of its application. The Future-Proof program provides investment protection with a set of world-class technology capabilities and programs to deliver greater value across Dell’s storage, data protection and hyperconverged solutions.

      The Future-Proof Loyalty Program includes:

      • A three-year satisfaction guarantee – the industry standard is only 30 days.
      • Hardware investment protection that provides organizations with the opportunity to trade-in existing or competitive systems for credit towards Dell next-generation storage, data protection and hyperconverged solutions.
      • Worry-free data migration.
      • Data protection deduplication guaranteed to provide up to 55x data reduction for data protection appliances.
      • Guaranteed data reduction for PowerMax and PowerStore, as well as NAS storage, hybrid storage, object storage, tiered storage and cloud storage solutions.

    • FAQs: What is NVMe?

    • What is NVMe?

      NVMe is an acronym for non-volatile memory express, a software interface that provides a more efficient and scalable streamlined protocol and command set for PCI Express solid-state drives using non-volatile memory. NVMe is designed specifically to take advantage of the internal parallelism and low latency inherent in flash-based storage devices. NVMe is expected to be the next evolutionary step in speed and latency reduction for flash media and next-generation storage class memory (SCM) media.

      What are the benefits of NVMe?

      NVMe offers benefits that include:

      • Reduced latency in the host software stack.
      • Higher I/O operations per second.
      • Lower power consumption.
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