• Workforce Services

    • Anytime, Anywhere Workforce Services

    • At any given moment, it’s likely you’ll have users logged in to work from home, a warehouse, remote office or a customer site. There may even be a few down the hall in the office. Maybe. It’s getting to be that every employee ends up a remote employee in need of a connected virtual workspace at some point.

      As on-the-go as today’s mobile workforce can be, what hasn’t budged are their high expectations of workforce services. Users still expect responsive network connectivity, reliable security and instant access to data, files and apps, only now they want it from anywhere, at anytime, on any device. With Dell Technologies, you’ll have access to a comprehensive range of technologies and services to precisely meet needs at every layer of your IT operation from endpoints to core infrastructure. What’s more, with Dell Technologies, you’ll have a partner with the priceless experience of providing more than 100,000 remote employees with workforce services. Anywhere, anytime, we’ll be there to help.

    • Remote Work

      Remote workforce and collaboration solutions enable employees to work from home and keep projects on track.

    • PC as a Service

      Dell PC as a Service (PCaaS) simplifies PC lifecycle management by combining hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into one solution.

    • Unified Workspace - Workforce Transformation

      Dell Technologies Unified Workspace enables companies to deploy, secure, manage and support devices from the cloud.

    • Overcome the Barriers Keeping Your Workforce Services from the Cloud

    • Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Dell Technologies puts the cloud within reach with hybrid cloud solutions that build on your existing capabilities.
      No Budget for Infrastructure Replacement. Blending CapEx and OpEx makes incremental modernization of your data center affordable.
      Getting Over the Re-platforming Hump. Accelerate the migration of workforce services to the cloud and reduce disruptions by retaining familiar technologies, thus avoiding the hump altogether.
      Trapped in Yesterday’s Box. Seamlessly extend your environment as needed with Dell Technologies Cloud to tie scale and value directly to demand.
      Complexity of Multiple Clouds. Simplify management and operations with a complete, unified, automated Multicloud solution: VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail.

    • Bring VDI to Your Workforce Services ASAP

    • If you’ve looked at Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and its potential to transform workforce services, but turned away due to the costs and extensive planning, it is time to look again. Dell Ready Architectures for VDI are validated and optimized so your organization can quickly start reaping the many security, performance and productivity advantages. You’ll have a wide range of technologies, solutions and services to choose from to precisely meet the needs of every corner of your environment and enhance your ability to provide high-level workforce services. For example, if your highest priority is rapid deployment, check out Dell Quickstart Bundles for VDI. They combine VxRail with VMware Horizon and pull it all together with our award-winning deployment and support services. It’s just one way we’re putting all the advantages of VDI within your reach:
      • Streamline resources at every layer and manage them centrally from any location.
      • Easily scale up with just-in-time deployment of devices directly to new remote workers.
      • Give users ready access to all processing power and connectivity they need.
      • Provide remote workers with tools for communication and collaboration.
      • Enjoy the inherent security of data and files never leaving the data center.
      • Transform your workforces services offering with leading-edge technologies like Wyse thin clients, VxRail, vSAN Ready Nodes and many more.

    • Trends and Tactics for Workforce Services: In-Security Edition

    • TREND: Nearly one in three global business leaders do not trust their own organization to protect employee and customer data. And nearly half believe their organization will struggle to prove its trustworthiness within the next five years. These are just a couple of the cheery findings in Dell Technologies Workplace Security Report 2019. TACTIC: Try not to take this perception personally. Instead, take it as an indication of how little budget resistance you may face were you to present a plan for technology transformation with increased security at its core.

      TREND: First the good news… Gen Z will soon represent 20 percent of the global workforce. As the first generation to only know a world with the internet in it, and born holding a smartphone loaded with cloud-based apps, this influx of tech-savvy users would seem to bode well for IT’s support workload. However… our research found that 46 percent of Gen Z rate their cybersecurity skills as “not good” to “just ok.” TACTIC: You’ll want to start providing cybersecurity education to new hires before setting them loose on your network. You’ll also want to reexamine your current security tools and protocols through their eyes. What you learn could drive your workforce services far into the future.

    • Building a Connected Workplace and Remote Workforce

      Dell Technologies collaboration solutions enable companies to build and support a digital connected workplace.

    • Work from Home Services

      Accelerate employees’ productivity and collaboration from home with Dell Work from Home Solutions.

    • Work at Full Speed - Workforce Solution

      New Dell Latitude family is designed to start up, charge and connect faster to improve your work productivity.