• Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies

    Connecting fabrics from the edge to the core to the cloud​

    • Building high-performance fabrics while reducing vendor lock-in

      Tested and validated to be compatible across all Dell switches, Enterprise SONiC Distrubution also allows for select third-party switches to enable full control of your technology stack -- from hardware, sofware, and life-cycle management tools. 

    • Learn how Enterprise SONiC Distribution is changing the open networking market.

    • SONiC Overview

    • Container-based

      Containerized modular/micro services enhance security and resource management​

    • Simplified Management​

      A unified network operating system from the edge to the core to the cloud in a multi-vendor environment​

    • Highly scalable

      Being used in hyper-scale networking by Microsoft, LinkedIn and Alibaba​

    • Partner Ecosystem

      Continuous testing and validation with a growing ecosystem of integrated 3rd party applications​

    • Open and extensible

      Based on open source Debian Linux distribution, with standards-based protocols​

    • Innovation

      Advanced features like an alert framework and streaming telemetry, plus a dedicated roadmap of enhancements​

    • DevOps ready

      Automated, intent-based and API-centric containerized architecture​

    • Global support

      Around-the-clock, single source support offered in 170 countries with 60,000+ professionals​

    • Leverage open source OS with Dell’s trusted enterprise expertise

      Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies integrates Linux-based, open source SONiC seamlessly across Dell software and hardware. As the market leader in open networking, we continuously innovate our SONiC Distribution to keep our userbase at the forefront of modern networking.


      Community SONiC

      Dell Enterprise SONiC

      Predictable roadmap

      Very limited input to community board


      HW+SW support level


      Global 24x7

      Cable and optics validation



      User documentation and white papers


      GitHub + Enterprise-grade

      Technical & field support, Training, Hands On Labs



      Unified management framework (MF CLI)



      Ansible automation



      Silicon telemetry



      Validated and supported ecosystem



      Multi-vendor support



      LDAP  Close Checkmark
      Advanced Telemetry Close Checkmark
      EVPN multi-homing Close Checkmark
      Q-in-Q enhancements Close Checkmark
      Cut-Through Switching (TD3-X7,TD4-X11, TH3, & TH4) Close Checkmark
    • *limited

    • Ordering Information

      Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies is delivered as a Cloud or an Enterprise bundle. Each bundle offers a Standard and Premium tier both priced for three platform speeds: 1/10GbE, 25/100GbE, 400GbE.

      We offer subscription durations of 1, 3 or 5 years.