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Advancing higher education solutions for the digital era

Drive digital transformation on and off campus

Higher education institutions can drive innovation and digital transformation at every level, from classrooms, to research labs, to administrative offices.

Drive Innovation at every level from classroom, to campus, to off campus environments

  • Our IT solutions for higher education help create learning spaces that improve student engagement and drive innovative teaching practices
  • Dell learning and education technologies can help IT leaders do more with less by simplifying platforms

Academic solutions for student success and workforce readiness

Take advantage of academic solutions to help students learn, grow and succeed in college or university studies as well as their careers.

Faculty and student devices for all learning environments

Faculty and student devices for all learning environments

Prepare students for the future and drive innovation with Dell technology built for today’s students and tomorrow’s thought leaders.

How Access to Devices can Facilitate Student Success

Explore Technology Solutions for Faculty and Students

Esports for Education

Esports for Education

Whether you’re building a varsity esports team, starting an esports gaming club or building a dual-purpose program to support teaching and learning and esports, we have the transformative technology solutions and the experience to help you reach your educational goals.

Explore Dell Technologies Esports for Education

Active learning spaces & collaboration

Active learning spaces & collaboration

To better engage students in the classroom, Dell provides interactive, collaborative, connected education technologies that support innovative teaching practices to transform learning environments. They support collaboration and development of critical thinking and workforce readiness skills.

See How University of Oklahoma Creates Active Learning Spaces
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Virtualized labs

Virtualized labs

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) lab environments allow for a more efficient and flexible learning experience, while reducing downtime and centralizing management.

Learn Dell's VDI Solutions for Higher Education

Browse Dell Thin Clients and Cloud Computing

Drive innovation and digital transformation for higher education

Higher Education institutions that use Dell solutions drive innovation and student engagement with simplified platforms.

Customer Stories

Dell Precision Workstations

Dell Precision Workstations Improve Application Performance for Students

Murray State University utilizes Dell Precision workstations for its engineering program to provide application performance for student designs, simulations and analysis, streamlining their projects and preparing them for their future.

Prepare students for AR and VR careers

Prepare students for AR and VR careers

The Emerging Analytics Center at the University of Arkansas Little Rock uses Dell Precision workstations and the Dell Canvas to educate and train students for careers in augmented and virtual reality.

Transforming the campus through desktop virtualization

Transforming the campus through desktop virtualization

The University of Arkansas cuts support costs and enables access to applications anytime, anywhere and on any device with a Dell virtual desktop infrastructure.

Dell and VMware virtual desktops

Dell and VMware virtual desktops enhance educational experiences

University of Massachusetts Lowell improves students’ educational experience, minimizes their capital costs, and simplifies growth with virtual desktops from Dell and VMware.

Austin Community College

Austin Community College provides an educational gateway for all learners

See how the college’s Accelerator enables individualized education with large increases in success rates, student persistence and attendance. PowerEdge servers and Dell Wyse thin clients power this highly adaptable learning environment.

Learning Resources

AR/VR Infographic

Higher education today is inconceivable without augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.