Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors
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Intel® Core™ Ultra processor-based laptops

Unlock new AI experiences:

Whether you're working, collaborating, creating or playing, Intel® Core™ Ultra processors deliver a dedicated engine to help unlock AI possibilities on the PC, the next level in an immersive graphics experience, and high-performance low power processing, so you can confidently perform for longer while on the go.

Main Benefits:

  • Laptops powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors provide customers with:
  • AI acceleration with a dedicated AI engine
  • Graphics for advanced creation and gameplay
  • Performance & efficiency to stay productive while on the go

Intel Evo

Intel Core Processors

Intel Core Processors

Intel® Core™ Processors. Delivering Superior Performance Where You Need it Most

Take the next evolutionary leap with the performance hybrid architecture of Intel® Core™ processors. Get the performance you need, where you need it—whether you’re a gamer, creator, streamer, or everyday user. Whatever you’re into, do more of it, whenever you want.

Intel vPro

Intel Vpro

Processors on Intel vPro®

Intel® Core™ processors are at the heart of the Intel vPro® platform. They’re designed to deliver the responsive performance and reliable connectivity business users need to stay in the flow—and be productive all day long.

Specifically tuned to meet the needs of today’s IT professionals, it provides:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Manageability
  • Stability

Look for the Intel vPro® platform brand on PCs to unlock the most value for your business.



Thunderbolt™ Technology

Thunderbolt™ computer ports offer a best-in-class set of product capabilities to deliver the simplest, most reliable and fastest cable solution available for connecting to power and your favorite accessories while at work or home. Use your computer anywhere and then easily connect it with a single, flippable and reversible cable to enjoy a Thunderbolt dock, larger monitor and accessories, all while charging your computer.

Truly Universal
Most Complete and Future proof version of

Efortless Connectivity
More ways to connect accessories than ever before

Secure & Managable
Intel VT-d based DMA Protection


Always Fast
40Gb/s for connecting to powerful Thunderbolt docks, monitors, fast storage and more

Notebook Charging
Required on at least one computer port

Mandatory Certification
Consistent user experience across a wide range of product types and manufacturers

Intel Arc

Intel ARC

Intel® Arc– Supercharged Gaming!

Intel® Arc A-Series Graphics brings high performance gaming, lifelike visuals, and rich content creation to mobile and desktop form factors. Every Intel® Arc graphics is backed by AI-enhanced XeSS upscaling technology and Intel Xe Matrix Extensions to support high image quality and speeds up your AI content creation workflows.​

​Intel® Arc A770 and A750 are best for video and photo editing, 3D creation, streaming live and more. While Intel® Arc A380 and A310 will satisfy user’s general needs in casual gaming.

Intel Iris

Intel IRIS

Experience Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics

Intel® Iris® Xe graphics delivers transformational GPU and integrated graphics to support richer gaming experiences and greater speed for designers and creators.


Gamers can play fast and hard with new Intel® Iris® Xe graphics featuring up to 1080p 60FPS for more detailed, immersive gaming.


It’s a whole new viewing experience in up to 8K, with 4x4K HDR, which lets consumers connect up to four HDR displays at once. They also get Dolby Vision HDR + Dolby Atmos 3D Sound, along with the latest GPU technology for super-smooth video streaming.


Creators can design and build complex files in stunning detail, and export 4K files quickly and easily with Intel’s new low-power AI Matrix Engine. Plus, they’ll notice impressive encoding performance.

Learn More About the Intel® Core™ Processor Family

Intel’s highest performing CPUs for laptop and desktop PCs here in the Intel® Core™ Series. From the top-end Intel® Core™ i9 processors to our value-packed Intel® Core™ i3 processors, business and creative professionals, gamers of all levels, and others can find an Intel® Core™ processor that lets them do more.

Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors
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