• PowerProtect Data Domain Appliances

    Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
    • Broad backup software ecosystem

      PowerProtect Data Domain supports a broad ecosystem of data protection software that natively integrates with industry leading Data Domain appliances to protect your data with enhanced resilience, performance and scale; all while providing faster backups, reduced network utilization and leading data reduction.

  • Specifications


    Max Throughput
    Max Throughput (DD Boost)
    Logical Capacity****
    Logical Capacity with Cloud Tier
    Usable Capacity****
    Usable Capacity with Cloud Tier*****
    DDVE***at 96TB
    Up to 4 TB/hr
    Up to 11.2 TB/hr
    Up to 4.8 PB
    Up to 14.8 PB
    Up to 96 TB
    Up to 288 TB
    Up to 4.2 TB/hr
    Up to 7.0 TB/hr
    Up to 1.6 PB
    Up to 4.8 PB
    4 TB - 32 TB; 3.5 TiB - 28.4 TiB
    Up to 96 TB; Up to 85 TiB
    Up to 12.7 TB/hr
    Up to 27.7 TB/hr
    Up to 11.2 PB
    Up to 33.5 PB
    8 TB - 172 TB; 7.1 TiB - 152.5 TiB
    Up to 516 TB; Up to 458 TiB
    Up to 15 TB/hr
    Up to 33 TB/hr
    Up to 18.7 PB
    Up to 56.1 PB
    24 TB - 288 TB; 21.3 TiB - 255 TiB
    Up to 864 TB; Up to 766 TiB
    Up to 26 TB/hr
    Up to 57 TB/hr
    Up to 49.9 PB
    Up to 149.8 PB
    192 TB - 768 TB; 170 TiB - 681 TiB
    Up to 2.3 PB; Up to 2.0 PiB
    Up to 44 TB/hr
    Up to 75 TB/hr
    Up to 49.9 PB
    Up to 149.8 PB
    192 TB – 768 TB; 170 TiB – 681 TiB
    Up to 2.3 PB; Up to 2.0 PiB
    Up to 41 TB/hr
    Up to 94 TB/hr
    Up to 97.5 PB
    Up to 293 PB
    576 TB - 1.5 PB; 511 TiB - 1.33 PiB
    Up to 4.5 PB; Up to 4 PiB
    Up to 71 TB/hr
    Up to 130 TB/hr
    Up to 97.5 PB
    Up to 293 PB
    576 TB – 1.5 PB; 511 TiB – 1.33 PiB
    Up to 4.5 PB; Up to 4.0 PiB
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    • 1 Based on revenue from the IDC 4Q23 Purpose-Built Backup Appliance (PBBA) Tracker

      * Based on Dell internal testing comparing a Dell PowerProtect DD9910 appliance vs. a PowerProtect DD9900 appliance, February 2024. Actual results may vary.​

      ** Based on Dell internal testing and field telemetry data, February 2024. Actual results may vary.

      *** Throughput drawn running DDVE at 96TB instance. Host server: 2xIntel Xeon CPU (6 Cores each) @2GHz, 128GB memory, 2x10GbE NIC: Storage: DAS with 3TB 7200RPM SAS Drives, RAID6, Battery Powered HBA Cache Enabled, Disk Cache Disabled.

      **** Logical capacity based on up to 50x deduplication (DD3300) and typically 65X deduplication (DD6400, DD6900, DD9400, DD9900) based on additional hardware-assisted data compression typically 30% more per TB when compared to the previous generation. Actual capacity and throughput depends on application workload, deduplication, and other settings.

      ***** TiBu/PiBu values adjusted for estimated DDOS overhead. DDOS overhead can vary depending on metadata required for customer workloads.

PowerProtect DD Series Appliances

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