• MultiCloud Data Services


    MultiCloud Data Services

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    • MultiCloud Data Services deliver hosting, cloud connectivity and storage and data protection platforms as fully managed services. PowerMax, PowerStore, PowerProtect and PowerScale along with Faction’s networking intellectual property lets you use your data on-premises and simultaneously access it from multiple public clouds. Typical use cases include multicloud disaster recovery, test and development and distributed high performance computing.

    • Directly connect your storage to the clouds of your choice

      Enable scalable, resilient cloud-attached storage with flexible multicloud access. MultiCloud Data Services for storage is ideal for cloud-based analytics, disaster recovery, testing and development and unstructured data use cases.

      • Avoid cloud vendor lock-in with data independent from the cloud.
      • Reduce risk with best in class enterprise storage.
      • Support high throughput and compute intensive file workloads with no data egress fees in Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.
      • Consume through a subscription-based model.
    • Protect your data in multiple clouds from a single location

      MultiCloud Data Services for PowerProtect support a data centric approach to multicloud data protection, allowing you to separate cloud management and data management strategies across multiple public cloud providers with your data residing on a single PowerProtect DD appliance consumed as-a-service.

      • Resolve multicloud management complexity with one consistent data protection strategy.
      • Restore data to any supported public cloud provider.
      • Avoid vendor lock-in by keeping data independent of the cloud.
      • Apply to multiple use cases including cyber resiliency, replication, in-cloud protection, disaster recovery to the cloud, archiving.
    • Optimize for cost, performance and scale with a data-first approach to multicloud

    • MultiCloud Data Services for frees you from system management while delivering the benefits of enterprise-grade data security, performance, capacity, replication and availability in the public cloud.Easily leverage multiple clouds of your choice and switch among them all at any time based on the application’s needs, maximizing the security, resiliency and control of your cloud data.


      MultiCloud Data Services

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    • ESG Technical Review: Solving Big Data Challenges with MultiCloud Data Services for PowerScale

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    • MultiCloud Data Services for PowerProtect

      MultiCloud Data Services for PowerProtect

      MultiCloud Data Services for PowerProtect supports a data centric approach for users, allowing them to separate their multicloud management and data management strategies across public cloud providers with a single backup and recovery target for multiple public clouds.

    • Cyber Recovery with MultiCloud Data Services for PowerProtect

      Cyber Recovery with MultiCloud Data Services for PowerProtect

      Dell Technologies offers a secure vaulting service that extends our proven and modern PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution to a secure multicloud environment with an off-premises, air-gapped secure vault.

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      This eBook discusses Cyber Recovery with MultiCloud Data Services for PowerProtect, enable by Faction outlining how customers can protect their multicloud data from cyber threats.

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