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Endpoint Security

Dell Trusted Workspace

Secure anywhere-work with hardware and software defenses built for today’s cloud-based world.

Keep endpoints secure from anywhere

The number of end users who are working remotely and on-the go has increased exponentially. With breaches now happening at both the hardware/firmware and software levels, you need intelligent solutions that prevent, detect and respond to threats wherever they occur.

Built-on Security

Software protections to improve the security of any fleet.

Prevent, detect & remediate attacks

Dell SafeGuard and Response, powered by CrowdStrike, VMware Carbon Black and Secureworks.

Protect data across networks and cloud environments

Dell SafeData with Netskope and Absolute.

Access your device securely from anywhere

VMware Workspace ONE.

endpoint security

Built-in and Built-with Security

Hardware & firmware protections for Dell Trusted Devices, the industry’s most secure commercial PCs.

Secure end user credentials

Dell SafeID.

Gain visibility to BIOS tampering

Dell SafeBIOS with BIOS Indicators of Attack (IoA).

Ensure on-screen digital privacy

Dell SafeShutter.

The technology you need to implement comprehensive endpoint security

free of malware

Stay free of malware and cyber attacks with Dell SafeGuard and Response

Prevent, detect and respond to hidden attacks across endpoint, network and cloud.

CrowdStrike Falcon® Product Datasheet Index

VMware Carbon Black Product Datasheet Index

Secureworks Taegis XDR Product Datasheet

Protect data on device and in the cloud with Dell SafeData.

Protect data on the device and in the cloud with Dell SafeData

Protect sensitive data on device to help meet compliance regulations and secure information in the cloud, giving end users the freedom to safely collaborate.

Absolute Product Datasheet Index

Netskope Product Datasheet Index

Establish device trust with intelligent hardware and firmware protections.

Establish device trust with intelligent hardware and firmware protections

Prevent and detect foundational attacks with strict supply chain controls, off-host BIOS verification and other security measures.

Dell SafeBIOS Datasheet

Dell SafeID Datasheet

Dell SafeSupply Chain Datasheet

Dell Secured Component Verification Datasheet

Additional resources to enhance endpoint security

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Today, a breach is inevitable. Learn about the layers of security needed to become more resilient to cyberattacks.

Endpoint Security and Zero Trust eBook

An essential guide for IT decision makers navigating a Zero Trust transformation.

Shrink the Attack Surface of Endpoints with Hardware-Assisted Protections

Learn how Dell, Intel and CrowdStrike together stop advanced endpoint attacks with coordinated hardware and software protections.

Anatomy of a Dell Trusted Device

This illustration provides a look at how Dell Trusted Devices are secured above and below the OS.

Cybersecurity Quiz

Are you smarter than your cyber attacker?

Cyber Safety Cheat Sheet

Tips from Dell cybersecurity experts to help keep workplaces and households secure.

Intel® Core™ Processors
Learn More about Intel