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Driving innovative products and solutions
for a more sustainable future.

Innovative Design

Sustainable design starts with a plan. Our world-class engineers and supply chain expertise combine to deliver the most innovative and responsible technology.

Circular principles

Guided by circular principles

Our commitment to protecting the planet means reducing our dependency on creating new and instead reusing as much as we can. That’s why Dell Technologies is dedicated to keeping products and materials in circulation longer through repair, recovery and reuse—an approach known as the circular economy.

Koncept Luna_ Utveckling av hållbar datordesign
Koncept Luna – Utveckling av hållbar datordesign

Driving the future of sustainable product design

To push the boundaries of sustainable laptop design, we partnered with Intel to create Concept Luna. This prototype explores revolutionary ideas to make components easily accessible, replaceable, and reusable, reducing resources and using more circular materials. We also incorporate intelligent telemetry and robotic automation to help us understand how to scale for the future of PC manufacturing.

Energy Efficiency

We design energy efficient products without sacrificing performance, because we know it’s just as critical to supporting your goals as it is to supporting ours.

Dedicated to higher environmental standards

Eco labels influence our sustainable efforts by giving standards for environmental claims, allowing you to better understand our products and our commitment to sustainability.

Dell Technologies participates in Energy Star, EPEAT, TCO, 80 Plus, and CELP.

Energy efficient data center solutions

Traditional data centers put a significant strain on global energy demand. Dell’s energy efficient solutions, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, use advancements in cooling and power management to lower your carbon footprint and optimize your current data center for a more sustainable future.

Partners in environmental responsibility

Partners in environmental responsibility

Dell devices with modern management tools like Intel® Active Management Technology on Intel vPro®, allow IT to access devices out-of-band from virtually anywhere, reducing the need for fuel consuming deskside visits or asset shipments. Together with Intel, we work to find ways to be more sustainable across our carbon footprint, energy efficiency and product lifecycle of each device.

Sustainable Materials

Our use of sustainable materials helps reduce the environmental impact of making them and recycling them. That's why we’re committed to over 50% of product content and 100% of packaging being made from recycled or renewable materials by 2030.

Castor beans, tall oil and POM Eco B are naturally-replenishing alternatives to plastic.

Bio-based Plastic

Packaging created from bamboo, recycled paper pulp, and sugarcane fibers reduces the reliance on new materials.

Paper Fibers

Hydropower-produced aluminum reduces carbon emissions by 70% over coal power.

Low-Carbon Aluminum

We use certified recycled steel and recycled copper to reduce our dependence on mining and processing new materials.

Recycled Metals

Post-consumer recycled plastic allows us to reuse existing materials, decreasing our need for new plastic.

Recycled Plastic

Recovered e-waste is used to make parts for new devices and keeps components in the circular economy.

Closed-loop Materials

We've saved over 443,000 pounds of plastics from the ocean, recycling them for use in our products and packaging.

Ocean-bound Plastic

Carbon fiber reclaimed from the aerospace and other industries is recycled for use in our laptops.

Carbon Fiber
Sustainable Packaging
Sustainable Packaging

Committed to 100% responsible packaging

We're fast-tracking progress toward our 2030 sustainability goals. Packaging for commercial laptops is now made from 100% recycled or renewable materials, including paper alternatives to plastic bags, trays and tape. The best part; it's 100% recyclable so we can work together to keep it out of landfills.

Together we can accelerate the circular economy

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