Data Protection for Kubernetes

Data Protection for Kubernetes


Automatically discover and protect databases, VMs, file systems and Kubernetes containers while a common policy engine automates compliance and governance.

  • Application consistent protection: MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SAP
  • Cluster to cluster restores
  • In-Cloud protection of clusters in AKS, EKS and GKE


A centralized platform providing consistent and reliable backup and restore services for the OpenShift platform and its workloads

  • Discovers OpenShift cluster and automatically downloads plugin
  • Leverage the Openshift plugin to backup and restore the associated Openshift components
  • Policy creation and restore process are transparent to the user

Protect your container workloads

Learn more about PowerProtect Data Manager and how it enables discovery, protection and management of production workloads in Kubernetes environments and protects production and dev/test workloads to ensure that the data is easy to backup and restore. We understand the complexities of protecting your containerized workloads and can help ensure availability of all your data at scale without business disruption.

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