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Help Me Choose: Latitude Display


What matters in a display?

The quality of the image on your display depends on several factors, including resolution, brightness, contrast ratio, color gamut and viewing angle.

What features are included in premium Latitude displays?

The system you are configuring may or may not include all the options listed here.
See each model’s display description for its specific features.
  1. ComfortView+

    • Improve eye comfort with built-in technology that limits up to 30% of blue light.

    • Maintain vibrant, accurate color for all types of work.

  2. Super Low Power

    • Get up to 55% more battery life between charges with efficient backlight panel.

    • Work longer on the go without sacrificing display quality.

  3. Ultralight

    • Select this option on Latitude 7340 and 7440 models for lightest possible weight without impact on performance.

    • Work in hybrid conditions with durability that meets military-level standards.

What other options should I consider in a display?

Not all Latitude laptops are the same. You might consider one that includes the specifications that best fit your needs.
  1. Size

    • Consider a smaller screen when you need a lighter, portable laptop.

    • Consider larger screen sizes for an easier-to-view workspace.

    • Understand screen size by measuring diagonally from corners without including frame (bezels).

  2. Resolution

    • Experience sharper images and see more content at once with higher resolution displays, which have a greater number of pixels.

    • Choose high definition (HD) or full HD (FHD) to have ample resolution for email, spreadsheets, and social media.

    • Consider Quad HD (QHD)  for impressive resolution when creating and editing media.

  3. Viewing angle

    • Twisted nematic (TN) is best for head-on viewing, with fast response times and smooth movement. Recommended as a more affordable option for general office use.

    • A wide viewing angle (WVA) is best seeing content from extreme angles and retaining sharp image quality and color. Recommended for professional media and color work.

  1. Brightness

    • Read more easily outside and in a variety of conditions with brighter, or "higher nit" displays.

    • Retain battery life for longer with Super Low Power displays with 400 nits brightness.

  2. Anti-reflective filter

    • Improve readability with an anti-reflective coating, which reduces the intensity of reflected light when outdoors or close to a window.

    • Keep screen looking glossy.

    • Preserve color clarity and contrast.

  3. Anti-glare filter

    • Focus on screen content without distraction with anti-glare technology, which limits the intensity of reflected sunlight and bright indoor light.

    • Improve readability in offices, customer sites, airports, and other public spaces.

    • Gives screen a matte finish.

  1. Contrast ratio

    • Improve readability with displays that have a high contrast ratio, which emphasizes the difference between the brightest bright and darkest dark.

    • Experience natural-looking images with a variety of shades when you use a higher contrast display.

  2. Color gamut

    • Create and edit media with displays that have a broad color gamut, or range, for more accurate image rendering.

    • Experience a color range of 45% NTSC on standard Latitude displays and 100% sRGB on mainstream and premium Latitude displays.

  3. Touchscreen

    • Take notes, draw and annotate.

    • Write and sketch on screen using Active Pen on select 2-in-1 models.

Intel® Core™ Processors
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