Data Lifecycle

Customer Security

We’re committed to creating the most secure experience for our customers, guided by our Security and Resiliency Organization. What does this mean for you? We build security into every step of your interactions with Dell, in four key categories.

When you engage the Dell support team for help with products and services, our team uses multiple security controls to provide world-class customer support while working to keep your data safe.

When customers interact with our systems – from making a purchase to visiting our support websites – your access to the Dell environment is secured and limited.

We work to secure your data in several ways, including:

  • Only collecting data that is relevant to your specific business issue
  • Employing encryption during transit and storage as appropriate
  • Authenticating customer accounts
  • Assessing our third-party business partners’ security
  • Employing appropriate safeguards for all customer data lifecycle activities
  • Proactively assessing and responding to potential information security threats

We work with our trusted partners to help secure products or parts in transit, and our warehouses are constantly monitored for security purposes.

We love meeting our customers whenever possible! When we plan events, the Dell Security and Resiliency Organization is engaged from the beginning, and, we frequently work with security and local law enforcement agencies when necessary. Data collected at these events is handled with the utmost care in accordance with our processes.

dell secure data lifecycle

Dell Products and Services

Security is top-of-mind and engineered into all our end-to-end solutions. Our approach minimizes risk while building resiliency for consumers and enterprise customers alike.