Transform Innovation into Value: The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA

The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA turbocharges AI adoption to simplify development, automate workflows and deliver up to 86% faster business outcomes.

Organizations are already embedding AI into their enterprise and customer-facing tools to improve knowledge worker productivity, internal workflows and external user experiences. But implementing a fast, efficient solution requires a ready-to-go approach that accomplishes corporate goals. With a myriad sea of choices, the risk of choosing the wrong AI approach can stall AI adoption, prevent use-case development and put the organization at a competitive disadvantage.

Organizations need comprehensive approaches ranging from complete turnkey solutions to innovation and platforms that reduce AI design complexity and build innovative features and workflows in a repeatable, scalable approach with guidance from a trusted partner.

The Dell AI Factory, introduced at Dell Technologies World this week, addresses organizations’ most pressing challenges with a portfolio of AI technologies, an open ecosystem of partners, validated and integrated solutions and expert services to help you achieve AI outcomes faster. In March, at NVIDIA’s GTC conference, we announced the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA, the industry’s first end-to-end enterprise AI solution, as a proven example of the Dell AI Factory, and designed to simplify and accelerate AI adoption within organizations. In fact, the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA reduces setup time by up to 86% over doing it yourself.¹

Dell Technologies and NVIDIA have a long-standing partnership with over 25 years of joint innovation, focused on accelerating innovation and delivering cutting-edge platforms, solutions and software that enable transformative results for our joint customers. Our ongoing partnership not only showcases our commitment to innovation but also demonstrates our ability to adapt to the evolving technological landscape and enable joint innovation across the entire portfolio—from client device to server and solution to data center, cloud and edge.

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The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA enables organizations with industry-leading capabilities, solutions and services with Dell’s leading AI infrastructure and services portfolio along with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, underpinned by NVIDIA® Tensor Core GPUs, NVIDIA Spectrum™-X Ethernet networking platform and NVIDIA BlueField® DPUs.

This approach enables customers to build their own AI factories from a broad set of capabilities right sized for their needs, offered as pre-validated, full stack solutions or as integrated components that are tailored to their needs to help them get started on AI use cases. Developers, data scientists and IT can start from where they are, at a desktop, at the server, at the edge or anywhere across their organization. Today, we announce new server, edge, workstation, solutions and service advancements that speed AI adoption and innovation:

    • Dell Generative AI Solution for Digital Assistants, which includes Dell Services for Digital Assistants speed deployment of digital assistants that deliver a personalized self-service experience for end users.
    • Dell PowerEdge XE9680L server offers direct liquid cooling and eight next-gen NVIDIA Blackwell microarchitecture B200 Tensor Core GPUs for fast processing in a compact 4U form factor.
    • Dell is also announcing industry leading density and highly energy efficient turnkey rack-scale solutions that speed time to value for large GPU-accelerated deployments. Multiple variants will be available including an air-cooled design supporting 64 GPUs in a single rack, or a liquid cooled format featuring 72 NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs in a single rack.
    • Dell NativeEdge is the first edge orchestration platform that automates the delivery of NVIDIA AI Enterprise at the edge.2
    • Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA solutions accelerate AI development with automated full stack deployment and NVIDIA NIM microservices
    • Dell Accelerator Services for RAG on Precision AI workstations yield better performing AI applications faster using RAG on Dell Precision AI workstations with the NVIDIA AI Workbench toolkit.

Elevate the Self-Service Experience for Your Customers

Businesses are racing to unlock new efficiencies that can boost productivity, automate more interactions and routine tasks and drive innovation into new areas of the business. One high-value use case that can save time, reduce costs and free up human resources for strategic, high-impact work is automating repetitive tasks and exchanges through AI-powered solutions.

Aimed at elevating self-service experiences with GenAI and a humanistic AI Avatar interface, the Dell Generative AI Solution for Digital Assistants and accompanying Professional Services for Digital Assistants today brings a category of advanced technology that simulates conversations with end users utilizing AI, natural language processing and machine learning to provide a personalized, conversational experience to end users. The solution is an excellent example of how customers can accelerate use-case development of chatbots and assistants with the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA.

The use cases for GenAI Digital Assistants go beyond simple inquiries to helping guide customers through complex processes, such as troubleshooting technical issues, completing forms or making purchases. With contextual understanding and advanced capabilities, assistants streamline exchanges, reducing customer frustration, and increase overall satisfaction—across a number of industries, including retail, healthcare, financial and multidepartment work environments. The City of Amarillo developed a Digital Assistant to assist with information for their multi-lingual residents. Learn more about their work here.

With a factory approach, customers can readily deploy multiple digital assistant instances, as needed—for multiple departments and use cases. Learn more in this blog.

Taking AI Performance and Density to the Next Level

As organizations step up to deploy the AI infrastructure that will power their future needs and use cases, they will need the next generation of AI platforms and innovative deployment capabilities.

The newest member of the Dell PowerEdge XE server family, the XE9680L, represents a significant leap forward in AI computing, being designed for the most demanding large language model training and large-scale AI inferencing environments, where GPU density per rack is critical. Featuring the next-generation NVIDIA B200 8-way HGX GPU in a compact 4U form factor, it delivers one of the industry’s highest density x86 server solutions with its smart cooling and innovative rack-scale architecture.

PowerEdge XE9680L - server - Direct Liquid Cooling - Dell - Dell Technologies - NVIDIA - AI Factory - Dell Technologies World - PowerEdge XE
The Dell PowerEdge XE9680L server.

The XE9680L brings a superior rack scale design as a turnkey solution, delivered to data centers or colocation facilities, and scales up to 72 B200 GPUs per 52 RU rack. With best-in-class time to value for rack-scale deployment and proven, end-to-end workflows for AI, the Dell PowerEdge XE9680L and Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA technology delivers next generation innovation to scale use cases and computation to new levels. Learn more in this blog.

Edge-Centric AI Expands

More organizations are starting to drive AI at the edge, but the task of managing edge operations across diverse locations, devices and applications can be daunting and expensive. Dell NativeEdge is the solution to manage these complexities with an innovative edge operations software platform designed to simplifyoptimize and secure your entire edge estate.

In our expanded strategic partnership with NVIDIA, and for NVIDIA AI Enterprise customers, this collaboration combines NativeEdge, Dell’s edge operations software platform, with NVIDIA AI tools and SDKs, as a part of the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA framework.

Businesses from manufacturers to retailers can quickly analyze edge data with Dell NativeEdge deployment blueprints that include NVIDIA Metropolis video analytics, NVIDIA Riva speech and translation capabilities and NVIDIA NIM microservices optimized inferencing. Learn more in this blog.

Differentiated Integrations Enable Scale

As the demand for AI to drive efficiencies continues to rise exponentially, factories must also be built efficiently with pieces that work seamlessly together.

    • In addition to NIM being available with Dell NativeEdge, NIM will be available within the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA to speed generative AI application deployment for a wide range of use cases such as content and code generation, digital assistants and avatars, data summarization and route planning.
    • Automated Deployment of NVIDIA solutions will enable faster time to value with generative AI solutions with pre-installed software and ready-to-go, pre-configured choices, allowing them to have their environment ready for developers to start accessing AI APIs faster than ever.

Designing the AI Journey with Professional Services

Extending the capabilities of Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA, Dell Professional Services enable customers to accelerate their use case development, supplement skills with advisory and consulting services and enable readiness for customers to deploy their own AI factories, customized to their environment and objectives.

    • Accelerator Services for RAG on Precision AI-ready workstations deliver a proof-of-concept experience that allows customers to experiment with and quickly get started with AI. Our recognized world-class consulting capabilities and notable expertise in data and data analytics as well as our close partnership with NVIDIA gives us an edge to deliver faster, more robust outcomes for customers.
    • Dell Professional Services also support the GenAI solution for Digital Assistants. Customers can easily build, develop, deploy and manage humanistic digital assistants that improve self-service interactions, accelerate training and learning, act as an information concierge and many other uses.

Transform With Your Own AI Factory

Organizations seek to capitalize on faster time-to-value from AI-based operations and innovation going into production. The Dell AI Factory enables organizations to benefit from our advanced AI capabilities earned through years of investment and experience in AI, our extensive global experience and comprehensive knowledge in deploying AI at scale for our customers.

The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA, a production example of the Dell AI Factory, delivers an integrated, comprehensive framework of leading solutions, platforms, software and services closely developed with NVIDIA to assist enterprises in building and deploying repeatable outcomes with their custom AI factories across their organization from data center to devices to edge to cloud.

Learn more about the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA here.

1 Estimate based on Dell analysis in May 2024 comparing time to setup a 2-node Kubernetes cluster for a general-purpose LLM using automated scripts vs deploying a common design manually. Setup time includes base installation only. Actual setup time will vary depending on solution configuration.
2 Based on Dell analysis, May 2024.

About the Author: Varun Chhabra

Varun Chhabra is Senior Vice President of Infrastructure (ISG) and Telecom Marketing at Dell. He has been with Dell since 2015. Prior to joining Dell, Varun worked at Microsoft, where he held a variety of product marketing roles supporting the Intelligent Cloud (Microsoft Azure and Windows Server) business, as well as at Oracle, where he was a software developer. Varun has an MBA from the University of Michigan, and a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.