Dell Technologies Evolves and Elevates Cloud Client Computing Ecosystem

The OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client combined with our innovative VDI software line-up is the latest example of how we continue to invest in our progressively evolving portfolio.

For more than two decades, Dell Technologies has been a leader in developing solutions for virtual workspaces and cloud-based infrastructures. We have even leveraged this expertise to enable our own hybrid workplace culture. And as more organizations navigate to hybrid models, technology will play a huge role in driving secure, seamless experiences for the end user, regardless of their location or device.

The accelerated shift towards work-from-anywhere practices means IT managers have had to reconsider how they support their workforce. Providing technology to deliver consistent, personalized, collaborative experiences – without compromising security and intelligent manageability options – has never been more important.

A new era of Dell thin and hybrid clients 

As a testament of our leadership and commitment to providing flexible solutions for hybrid work environments, we’re introducing the OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client, built with the same reliable, sustainable designs and rich ecosystem you have come to expect and trust for business desktops. Available with multiple Operating System options including Dell ThinOS, Ubuntu Linux and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, the device builds on our legacy as a pioneer in cloud client solutions and ushers in a new era of Dell thin client offerings. In fact, by combining our long history in cloud solutions and PC technology, we have created the world’s most secure thin client, powered by Dell ThinOS.¹

Designed for front and back-office teams of all sizes, the OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client is compact, fan-less, highly configurable and compatible with a broad range of stands and mounts. Built with the latest N-series Intel® processors, it supports up to 16GB memory and it comes with 32GB eMMC flash storage as standard, with the optional configuration of an additional 256GB of SSD storage. Featuring a variety of ports, the thin client can power up to three 4K displays. Like the rest of our OptiPlex portfolio, this new generation thin client supports Wi-Fi 6E technology that brings you faster speeds and better performance providing instant access to digital and virtual workspaces. Check out the full specs here.

Simplifying the journey to VDI and application modernization

Dell Optiplex 3000 thin client models, each facing at different angles to show front and back of client.As our customers explore new ways of working, Dell Technologies’ VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions remain a critical part of our strategy, and the OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client combined with our innovative software line-up is the latest example of how we continue to invest in our progressively evolving portfolio. Our end-to-end solutions can be curated for customers of all sizes. Here are some of our unique offerings and how they are helping customers at all stages of their modernization journey:

    • We continue to invest in Dell ThinOS – the most secure thin client operating system purpose-built for VDI – to enable a rich collaboration experience and easy deployment across VDI environments. Many Dell customers – including a global rental car company – have implemented Dell ThinOS-based thin clients in combination with Citrix Workspace to deliver seamless access for end users and optimize security. Dell ThinOS combined with Wyse Management Suite helps organizations simplify and streamline IT operations – in fact, these solutions have enabled this customer to manage around 40,000 thin clients globally through one IT administrator.
    • Our VDI solutions can be adapted to a customer’s specific needs. We collaborate with key industry partners like VMware for compatibility for solutions such as Workspace One and VMware Horizon, plus partners like Microsoft to offer Windows 10 IoT Enterprise as an OS option. With support for Microsoft and VMware solutions, Dell customers can continue to leverage existing investments and maintain a consistent experience for their IT administrators and end-users.
    • Another example of our software innovation is Dell Hybrid Client, the world’s first client computing software with hybrid cloud management.² This ready-to-deploy commercial solution – now available across 30+ Dell PC platforms – enables seamless access to applications and data – whether they are in the cloud, in the data center or local. One of the largest banking organizations in the Middle East recently deployed Dell Hybrid Client solutions to provide more than 7,000 team members with secure access to their virtual workspace. This not only allowed their workforce to have consistent experiences across various sites and access their collaboration tools easily, but the IT team was also able to integrate a biometric security solution to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance.

Dell Technologies’ human-centric approach delivers useful, easy-to-deploy software and devices to help alleviate and simplify IT operations regardless of the evolving workplace complexities organizations continue to experience and navigate. Learn more about our Cloud Client Workspace solutions.

¹ Based on Dell analysis of Dell ThinOS v. competitive products, September 2021.

² Based on Dell analysis of Dell Hybrid Client software (version 1.5 or above) preinstalled on select Dell commercial clients with Wyse Management Suite Pro v. comparative solutions, Jan 2021. For more details, visit

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