The Future of Coffee, Powered by Dell Technologies

The following is a guest post from Mike Westgate, VP of Marketing at Briggo Coffee.

Dell Technologies World provided some of the best and broadest exposure we’ve experienced in our brand’s history. According to Briggo’s CEO Kevin Nater, “The Briggo Team was thrilled to step onto the world stage side-by-side with our partner Dell Technologies as we introduced the future of coffee to the brightest minds and most innovative global firms!” Briggo was honored to not only be a featured customer story in the Dell Consumer Solutions Group, but to serve fully automated, gourmet coffee from our Dell-branded Briggo Coffee Haus in the Village during the entire event. Needless to say, DTW was “buzzing” and so were we.

As we expand our coffee business into new markets, Briggo’s objectives fortuitously aligned with the DTW value prop – “Generate leads. Interact with influencers. Activate your brand.” Reviewing our experience and performance results, we can say with confidence, “mission accomplished.” We successfully engaged prospects from around the world to discuss future placements of Briggo Coffee Hauses. We leveraged media opportunities and entertained renowned industry analysts by demoing our unique approach to tech-enabled quality and precision. Finally, and most importantly, we unveiled the connected coffee experience to 15,000 of Dell’s top customers, partners, and employees.

“Briggo Robotic Barista: The Coolest Thing at Dell Technologies World 2019” – Rob Enderle, Techspective

“This barista is fast, efficient, hardly ever makes mistakes, and doesn’t complain or take breaks.” Roger Kay, Medium

“Dell Technologies is powering a cutting-edge tech company to bring you the hottest new innovation. Your morning latte.” Dell Technologies

So, how is Dell Technologies enabling “Connected Coffee”?

Briggo empowers people to create perfectly customized gourmet coffee on-demand through a mobile app and robotic Coffee Haus. Dell Technologies, specifically OptiPlex and Boomi, are integral components in ensuring we produce customer’s drinks as precise as they are delicious. Whether it’s crafting and serving over eight million combinations of specialty coffee and tea-based drinks, or managing an entire fleet of Coffee Hauses, we rely on Dell Technologies for data aggregation and customer insights. We can seamlessly monitor and resolve any potential issues without ever disrupting the customer experience. In addition to our innovative product integrations, Dell was Briggo’s first corporate client and we currently operate two Briggo Coffee Hauses in their Round Rock, Texas headquarters.

Dell Technologies World was a true amplifier for our brand. Our Las Vegas experience was just a taste of what’s to come as we expand our footprint beyond Texas to the Bay Area, and soon to several major national and international markets. We look forward to utilizing Dell’s innovation roadmap as we become a more complex, global brand ourselves.


  • Over just 3 and a half demo days, Briggo served over 2,000 connected coffees
  • During our peak hour, DTW attendees placed 116 customized coffee orders – that’s one every 31 seconds!
  • DTW’s favorite drinks in order:
    • Cappuccino
    • Latte
    • Americano
    • Espresso
    • Coffee

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Mike Westgate, VP of Marketing at Briggo

Mike Westgate is VP of Marketing at Briggo, the leader in Connected Coffee. He is responsible for Briggo’s B2B & B2C value proposition, brand strategy, communications, product marketing, and retail sales programs. Prior to Briggo, he was VP of Marketing for commercial real estate data marketplace RealMassive. Before that, Westgate led marketing and client engagements for W2O Group, a network of digital marketing services agencies supporting Fortune 500 marketers with customer insights, strategy, and analytics. Before W2O Group, Mike spent nearly four years at Microsoft in Windows product marketing and SMB audience marketing roles. Prior to his foray into technology, he completed five years at Sara Lee and two years at General Mills in a variety of CPG sales and marketing roles. He holds a bachelor’s in business from Indiana (’01) and an MBA from UT McCombs (’09).



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