Make Your Solution Design Journey Easy

Dell Technologies has OEM Solutions that will make your Design journey shorter and help turn your idea into a market-ready solution.

If you’re a customer starting out on your journey to bring your product or service to market, it can be an exciting but daunting prospect. Don’t sweat the big or small stuff.

Dell Technologies OEM Solutions can make the journey shorter and the load lighter. Our focus is on what we call the Design. This includes all the various components, capabilities, life cycle management and services that we bring together to help create your product or service.

Make your IP stand out

Simply put, our job is to help turn your idea into a market-ready solution. But we’re much more than just making things work. It starts with your IP – our focus is on helping ensure your solution is differentiated, able to meet future demands and importantly, you’re able to get to market with everything you need to be successful.

Our goal is to design a solution that makes your IP stand out from your competition with everything working together beautifully in harmony. We’re with you throughout the entire journey from design, life cycle planning and customization through to onsite engineering residency services and support, if required. 

Plan now and for the future

During the consulting and planning stage, we will spend time understanding your needs to create a design that works both today and in the future. You’ll get advice from our pre-sales engineering team, who are experts in technology capabilities. Our CTOs and architects will discuss trends and what your solution needs to be able to deliver in say, three to five years’ time.

At our Global Customer Solution Centers, you can leverage these Designs for whiteboard sessions and proof of concept work. Consult services can help you determine how best to design and deploy solutions at the edge.

Accelerate your global presence

If required, we can help roll out your Design regionally or globally through our Pro-Deploy services. Once deployed, we will support your Design through our dedicated OEM Support Queue. You will have access to our global secure supply chain to manufacture and deliver your solution in market, when and where as required.

Thanks to our global network of industry experts, facilities and distribution channels, we can help accelerate your global presence. And there’s more. We have a distribution and partner network with global reach and OEM tailored customer support. In short, all the elements are in place to enable you to not only select the right solution but to scale your business fast to meet customer demand.

Right-size your solution

We will advise you on smart, connected solutions that will enable your IP and products to deliver business insights. We will discuss the edge, acceleration, re-architecting for cloud native and containers, utilizing AI, or needing to understand memory-centric or converged architectures, if applicable. Together, we will think through all these different environments and possibilities. We will help you find the best ways to architect and right-size your solution. The Design needs to be simple, intuitive, and easy for your customers to identify that it’s the right one for them.

Stable, extended life products

In many cases, you’ll find that Dell’s OEM Unique Solutions hit the mark beautifully. Based on customer demand, these are OEM tailored, ready-to-go product offerings. In addition to long lifecycles with up to a targeted 18 months of extended transition time to next generation products, they provide locked key components and stability.

These solutions are designed especially for you. We know that your development cycles don’t always align with ours. You told us that technology churn can mean revalidating and recertifying your solution, which costs time and money. And if there is change coming, we get that you need to know well in advance. We always strive to give at least six months notice. Our stable Dell OEM Unique Solutions address all those needs via our OEM XL and XE platforms.

Industry certifications and durability

Recognizing that so much compute today is happening at the edge, we offer a full portfolio of products that provide industrial grade durability and key industry certifications on select offerings right out of the box, including marine, telecom and defense.

There’s no need to worry about ventilation, tight corners or challenging environments. Whether your solution is destined for the engine room of a ship, integrated into an MRI machine in a hospital, embedded in a small enclosure at the base of a telco tower or in the back of a jeep in a dusty desert, we’ve got you covered.

When tailored isn’t enough, choose custom

We know that your innovation is what sets you apart from your competitors. When it isn’t possible to deliver your IP via an off-the-shelf option, we will design a customized solution, utilizing tier one, globally available, standard, off-the-shelf products, based on Intel technology. Custom capabilities range from meeting fit and function requirements through to adding non-standard cards and components along with custom bracketry, cables, backplanes, risers, heat sinks and outer chassis sheet metal modifications and more.

We will make sure everything functions optimally and is tested to the relevant environment. We’re equipped to conduct commodity validation, thermal validation, system integrity, shock and vibe testing, regulatory approvals and factory diagnostics to help ensure that everything functions effectively as a complete solution.

Customizing to wrap with your brand

You can also opt for branding options to make the solution uniquely yours. For example, you can brand physical bezels and chassis, add textured finished and unique badges, personalize BIOS splash screen and settings, add iDRAC remote management console settings and branding plus thermal management settings.

You can even create your own designs via Dell YourID. And you can deliver and sustain your solution easily right out of the factory with Factory Engineered Services including imaging, laser etching, custom cardboard box, box label, asset label, reporting and rack integration and warehousing, if required.

Performing in rugged environments

And if your requirements extend beyond fit, function or branding and you need to work beyond traditional IT environments, where standard products simply won’t work, we’ve got your back. We can develop robust, rugged solutions that perform in niche or rugged environments, characterized by extreme ranges in temperature, shock, or vibration (ships, trucks, etc.). We’re equipped to conduct rigorous testing, regulatory certification and industry certification for some of the toughest environments. 

An engineering partnership no matter what

And the good news is that whether you are customizing with Dell or engineering your own solution with our hardware, you’ll enjoy access to our team of experienced engineers every step of your Dell OEM journey from the initial design of technology, lifecycle management and support through development in collaboration with our mechanical, electrical/system, software and regulatory engineers.

If required, you can access onsite residency engineering services after your solution has launched. We’re also connected to broader Dell Technologies teams, partners such as Intel and our broad partner ecosystem. They, along with our CTOs, system architects and product application engineers, will provide you with deep product expertise, which you won’t find in a standard technical guide.

Let us help shorten the journey and bring your innovation to life.

About the Author: Tracy Troyer

Tracy leads a global organization of talented professionals whose experience spans decades developing and supporting the most innovative end-to-end technology solutions in the world. Partnering with the OEM Solutions global salesforce, this cross-functional team of engineers, program managers, marketing, operations, and procurement united with a singular focus of empowering our customers to be successful. Tracy joined Dell in 1996; prior to his current role, he held multiple senior-level product development positions in software, mobile computing and CRM/database systems. Tracy’s 30+ years of experience in the high-tech industry highlight his ability to successfully navigate the technical and business worlds in a way that drives strategy and exceptional customer value. His passion to excel at work is only surpassed by his dedication to his wife, children, grandchildren, and life-long friendships. Tracy is a proud alumnus of the University of Colorado.