Our Commitment to Pride Marches On

Every June, Dell Technologies comes together to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. We also recognize that supporting and advancing the community must not be limited to a single month. We see Pride as a touchstone to reflect on the progress we’ve made and identify what still needs to be done to achieve equality and inclusion.

Erik Day is Global Executive Chair, PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG)

Today marks the start of Pride Month. A time for us to commemorate and come together to share, learn, and make memories with our team members as we celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. To me, Pride Month is also a time to reflect on both how far we’ve come and the journey we still have in front of us to build a more equitable society.

There’s a special kind of spark that ignites when you feel empowered to bring your whole, authentic self to work each day. We know that when team members feel included, respected, and celebrated for who they are – that’s when they can truly thrive and innovate. It’s important we cultivate belonging both inside and outside our company if we’re going to progress as a society. And that work cannot be confined to a single month. It’s a constant commitment that marches on 365 days a year – with or without the parades.

We’re proud of the strides we’ve made over the past year in support of the LGBTQIA+ community to:

  • Advocate for equality. We want our workplace to reflect the customers we serve and the communities where we live. For example, in the U.S., we’re proud supporters of the federal Equality Act that promotes fair treatment within the LGBTQIA+ community. We’ve also advocated for equality at the community level. Our team members have testified against discriminatory legislation and set up phone banks to show support for the rights of transgender youth in Texas and Oklahoma, testified against several discriminatory policies introduced in Tennessee, and added our name to the following statement calling for the end of all discriminatory policies across all states. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have also built advocacy tool kits they use to train our employees on how we can all be allies for the community and advocate for policies that will create protections for LGBTQIA+ people. Ultimately, it’s our goal to continue to work with government officials on policies that encourage fairness, economic growth and business development while driving inclusivity.   
  • Celebrate our people and our authentic selves. Here, our voice matters, our opinions are heard, and most importantly – our uniqueness is celebrated. Building an inclusive culture is not a passive effort at Dell – it takes deliberate action rooted in a true desire to make everyone feel included. Our ERGs are a huge part of that effort. Over the past year, team members across the globe have cultivated allyship and inclusivity. For example, they’ve developed a pronoun training, hosted ally power hours, and created Bi+Awareness mentorship programs.  
  • Give back to the LGBTQIA+ community. Supporting the LGBTQIA+ community takes many forms and we are committed to giving back through partnerships and investments that help drive progress. Dell Technologies supports GenderCool, an organization spreading awareness and understanding for transgender youth, and Out & Equal. We also support local LGBTQIA+ partners year-round through community fundraisers across Texas, Nashville, North Carolina, New England, Oklahoma, Seattle and Utah.   

Pride Month is a moment to come together and drive excitement and awareness for the real work happening and our path forward. And though Pride parades are still a bit different this year – we march on!  

  • Our Pride ERG has planned a fantastic celebration with virtual dance parties and a lip sync competition where Dell Technologies team members can celebrate and connect. The goal? To cultivate allyship and acceptance amongst our team while bringing us together in a way that celebrates our diverse culture. Our team member events and activities are always a personal highlight for me each year, and I can’t wait for the fun to start!    
  • Later this month, we’ll be hosting a Small Business Pride Summit to provide information and resources to small business owners who are members or allies of the LGBTQIA+ community. I’ll be sitting down with National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) President, Justin Nelson, for a fireside chat to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities for LGBTQIA+ owned businesses, and how we can be advocates for growth and progress. We look forward to celebrating these small business leaders, and creating a space for them to learn, network and grow. 

We are committed to advancing the LGBTQIA+ community in and outside of Dell in June and every single day of the year. Happy Pride Month!

About the Author: Erik Day

Erik Day has been at Dell for over 16 years. He first joined the company as a temporary consumer sales agent in 1999 shortly after finishing his Bachelors of Psychology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Erik has held multiple sales, merchandising and marketing leadership roles in his tenure at Dell which has taken him to 25+ countries over 5 continents. Erik spent 2009 to the early part of 2013 leading Retail Merchandising, Retail Marketing and CSB Direct Media Budget and Planning for the Europe, Middle East & Africa region. Most recently, Erik has been responsible for leading an outstanding team of sales leaders covering large format retailers and CSB distribution channel partners across the United States and Canada. Between 2013-14, Erik built a $500M Acquisition business in retail and helped grow Best Buy over 50% YoY between 2014 and today. Erik is an avid tennis player and just got married in August of this year. He loves spending time in Up North Michigan on the Lake with his husband Craig and their 2 Samoyeds, Chester and Chase.