Windows 10: Hard Drive Locked Error During Install

Windows 10: Hard Drive Locked Error During Install

Hard Drive is Locked

Warning: This error happens when installing Windows 10, when installing Windows 10. All Data is erased from the system.

You may get an error, "Hard drive is locked" when you try to install Windows 10 from recovery media. The following steps can be used to resolve this error.

Note: This process will only work using the Windows 10 download from or a Dell direct Windows 10 USB key. A Windows 10 recovery key will not allow this process to complete.

Enter the BIOS (F12 key at the Dell logo) and use the following settings:

  • Set to UEFI
  • Enable legacy roms under advanced boot options
  • Disable secure boot
  • Set SATA config to AHCI

Boot to the Windows 10 media to get to the Command Prompt.

  1. Boot to the Windows 10 Recovery Environment.
  2. Click on Troubleshoot.
  3. Then click Advanced options from the Troubleshoot menu.
  4. On the Advanced options screen that appears, click the Command Prompt.
  5. Type "diskpart"
  6. Type "list disk"
  7. Type "Select disk #". # is the drive number they want to install to
  8. Type "Clean"
  9. Type "Convert GPT"
  10. Type "Exit"

Boot to the Windows 10 media and start the install process. Select keyboard language and select the troubleshoot computer option. Recovery from a drive.

If you have further questions about this solution, please contact Dell Technical Support.

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Last Date Modified: 07/23/2019 06:25 PM

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