Dell Wyse Support

The Wyse solutions portfolio includes industry-leading thin client solutions with advanced management, desktop virtualization, and cloud software.

As a valued Dell Wyse customer, we are dedicated to provide you with great services and support. Below are resources designed to help keep you up and running.

Identifying your Wyse product

Download Wyse Software and Drivers
  • We recommend having the latest drivers and software updates for your PC as these may include enhancements to security and performance.
  • Licensed Wyse software and digital Licenses are now available through Dell Digital Locker.
    • Dell Digital Locker allows you to access licensed software products, download license keys, view software entitlements, and more.
  • Software titles and product keys available in Dell Digital Locker are:
    • Wyse Device Manager
    • PC Extender
    • Thin Client Extender
    • ThinOS Maintenance
    • ThinOS Lite Maintenance
    • Cloud Client Manager
  • Access to free downloadable software is now available via the Dell File Download website.
  • Software titles available at the Dell File Download Site are:
    • PC Extender
    • TCX Suite
    • Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool
    • Wyse Configuration Manager
    • Wyse Device Agent
    • Wyse Device Manager
    • Wyse Management Suite
  • Customers with an IN WARRANTY Dell Wyse product that are unable to find support files that they need should contact a Dell Technical Support Representative for Assistance.

Submitting a Service Request for your Wyse product
  • Login or Register at TechDirect for managing the following:
    • Create or update support incidents
    • Upload attachments to new or existing incidents
    • Update company and user information
    • Manage authorized users
    • Create and manage RMA's

How To and General Information

Important informational notice regarding drivers, updates, files that were previously available on Wyse Legacy Site AppSerivces.

As part of the to transition we have migrated away from the Free Download Application with Dell’s standard //

Dell has been communicating this change on the login page of AppServices.Wyse.Com for 6 months to ensure that customers were aware of this change.
As we complete the transition of Wyse to Dell Wyse we have only migrated support files for Dell Wyse products that have been sold on or after Jan 1st, 2014 and have not gone End of Service Life (EOSL).


Our comprehensive videos offer step-by-step support and information to resolve your query. Videos are in English. Translated subtitles available for some languages. Additional videos can be found in our Video Library.