Dell Wyse Management Suite version 3.7

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Wyse Management Suite (WMS) is the next generation thin client management software that allows organization to centrally configure, monitor, manage, and optimize your devices.
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Fixes & Enhancements

- Support for Ubuntu to ThinOS conversion.
- Support for ThinOS customer activation license.
- BIOS settings support from WMS for Optiplex 3000 runing Windows Embedded operating system.
- Support to upload files upload upto 10 GB to the WMS public cloud.
- Support for DHC Certificate listing in WMS device details page and device report.
- Installer improvements.
- Fixed policy import issue from one group to another.
- Fixed WMS issue for ThinOS 9.x device that randomly display ThinOS 8.6 configurations.
- Fixed WMS issue for Wyse 5030 devices reporting wrong model after WMS upgrade.
- Fixed WMS issue for the message which appears and disappears quickly in Groups & Config page.
- Updated Outdated JavaScript Library to address CVE-2021-41184.
- Upgrade OpenJDK to 11.0.15 to address Vulnerabilities number CVE-2022-21476, CVE-2022-21449, CVE-2022-21496, CVE-2022-21434, CVE-2022-21426, CVE-2022-21443 which found in openJDK versions 11.0.14 and below

For more information, see Dell Wyse Management Suite 3.7 Release notes.
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Version, 3.7

Release date

23 May 2022

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Dell Technologies recommends applying this update during your next scheduled update cycle. The update contains changes to maintain overall system health. It ensures that the system software remains current and compatible with other system modules (firmware, BIOS, drivers, and software) and may include other new features.

Additional details

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- Dell Technologies recommends that you update Dell Wyse Management Suite and the respective agents as mentioned in the Dell Wyse Management Suite v3.7 release notes to take the advantage of all the new features.

- From Wyse Management Suite 3.7, you must use MongoDB version 4.2.19 for distributed setups. You cannot install or upgrade Wyse Management Suite 3.7 using any other version of external MongoDB server.

- Use IExplore, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge browser to download the .exe file.
3.7.460, 3.721 Nov 2022, 3.6.119 Apr 2022, 3.607 Feb 2022, 3.5.224 Dec 2021, 3.5.113 Dec 2021, 3.515 Nov 2021, 3.3.116 Aug 2021, 3.305 Jul 2021, 3.2.117 May 2021, 3.226 Mar 2021
3.1.559, 3.104 Dec 2020
3.0.356, 3.028 Aug 2020
2.1.599, 2.103 Jul 2020
2.0.403, 2.023 Mar 2020, 1.4.115 Nov 2019
1.4.42077, 1.428 May 2019
1.329 Oct 2018
1.2.40599, A0024 Sep 2018, A0007 Aug 2018
Standard installation
Dell Wyse Management Suite version 3.7 can be installed or upgraded from Dell Wyse Management Suite version 3.5/3.5.1/3.5.2/3.6/3.6.1.

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