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SupportAssist: Time of day not set error seen on start-up on Dell Laptops

Summary: The following article provides information about identifying a SupportAssist Time of day not set error message when booting Latitude, Precision, or XPS laptops.

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You may see the Time-of-day not set error on start-up. This usually occurs after a loss of CMOS power/reset and then you boot back up while the affected BIOS is installed.

Time of Day not set - SupportAssist Error Message

(Figure.1 SupportAssist Time of Day not set Error Message)

Applicable computers:

  • Latitude 3390 Laptop
  • XPS 9365 Laptop


A loss of settings can be seen, similar to what happens after a motherboard replacement. Draining the CMOS flea power, or resetting the BIOS to defaults on a Dell laptop may result in this error.


  1. Use the F2 prompt to enter the BIOS.

  2. Go to the date and time section and set it to the correct date and time.

  3. Save and exit, booting into the operating system.

  4. If you are still seeing the same issue, continue to the steps below:

Update the system BIOS to the latest version to resolve the issue:

Note: You need administrator rights on your laptop to update the BIOS or any other drivers.
  1. Use the F2 prompt at start-up to enter the BIOS and identify the current revision.

  2. Exit the BIOS and enter the operating system.

  3. Go to the Dell Support Site.

  4. Enter the service tag or express service code to get drivers specific to how the computer shipped.

    Alternatively, you can choose your system type from the product list to get a general list of drivers for that computer.

  5. Click the Drivers and Downloads drawer in the menu.

  6. Ensure you have the correct operating system set.

  7. Select the BIOS drop-down category.

  8. Look for the Dell System Specific System BIOS Dated 11th of September 2019 or more recent.

  9. Is a new BIOS revision available?

    1. If there is go straight to Step 10.

    2. If there is no new BIOS available for these steps for a temporary fix until a BIOS is available:

      1. Click the Older Versions link in the BIOS drop-down drawer.

      2. Select the last version shown.

      3. Install an older version to roll back your BIOS to a version that does not show this issue.

  10. Click the Download button and follow the on-screen instructions.

  11. The computer restarts as part of the installation process.

Note: Best practice when working on the BIOS on a laptop is to have the computer connected to an uninterrupted source of power throughout.

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24 Jul 2023



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