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Determine if a PSU replacement is required for Dell VxRail

Summary: This article provides the methods to view power supply unit (PSU) status through VxRail Manager, vCenter, or iDRAC and through Command-Line Interface (CLI) to determine if your Dell VxRail PSU needs replacement. ...

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Method 1: Console UI through VxRail Manager

Once a PSU is marked as failed on the VxRail Manager Web plug-in, you may see the unit as not available or in a failed state. In vCenter, you can see that the following messages show power input and redundancy as lost:

Screenshot of error message in vCenter

vCenter Console displaying failed power supply unit

iDRAC reflects the unit is marked as failed with power input showing as lost with the event tab showing the same:

Screenshot of iDRAC showing power input lost


Screenshot of iDRAC showing failed PSU

iDRAC UI displaying failed power supply unit

Method 2: CLI

Connect using PuTTY to the affected node.
Check which PSU has failed by running the following command using PuTTY:
/opt/vxrail/tools/ipmitool sdr elist

PSU1 Status      | E0h | ok  | 10.1 | Presence detected, Failure detected
PSU2 Status      | E1h | ok  | 10.2 | Presence detected

PS1 PG FAIL      | 09h | ok  |  7.1 | State Deasserted
PS2 PG FAIL      | 0Ah | ok  |  7.1 | State Deasserted

System event log entry for failed PSU1 (Presence detected, Failure detected, State Deasserted)

You should see messages like "Failure detected" or "FAIL" state.

In the above case, the failed power supply is PSU1 (the power supply unit on top).

Run the following command on the node and then search for power supply failure:

/opt/vxrail/tools/ipmitool sel elist

Line 41:   29 | 11/24/2016 | 11:42:11 | Power Supply PSU Redundancy | Redundancy Lost | Asserted
Line 42:   2a | 11/24/2016 | 11:42:21 | Power Supply PSU2 Status | Power Supply AC lost | Deasserted
Line 42:   2a | 11/24/2016 | 11:42:21 | Power Supply PSU2 Status | Power Supply AC lost | Deasserted
Line 43:   2b | 11/24/2016 | 11:42:21 | Power Supply PSU Redundancy | Fully Redundant | Asserted
Line 60:   3c | 08/13/2017 | 12:43:08 | Power Supply PSU1 Status | Failure detected | Asserted
System event log entry for failed PSU1 (Failure detected, Asserted)


To determine if the power supply has failed, see the steps in the following article: PowerEdge PSU: How to Troubleshoot a Server Power Supply Unit

This guide provides detailed steps to determine if there is a hardware fault with the power supply of a Dell PowerEdge Server. Typically, the failure rate of a power supply unit is low, and it is possible that there are soft issues or intermittent power supply messages that may not relate to hardware. In this case and when a hardware fault is suspected, Dell Technologies recommends contacting Dell Support, quote this article number to confirm that a hardware replacement is required.

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