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Intel Unite Reference Documents and Guides

Summary: Article on Intel's dedicated websites for Intel Unite.

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Note: On January 01 2022, Intel will assume all support activity for Intel Unite. Dell will no longer provide support for Intel Unite. Refer all your questions regarding Intel Unite to Intel.

Intel's dedicated websites for Intel Unite®:

Link to Intel Unite® Support page


Dell Documentation and Downloads for Intel Unite:

Intel Unite downloads


Intel Documentation:

Best Practices for Deploying Intel Unite®

Intel Unite Hub SW cannot be installed nor configured on replacement motherboards or refurbished systems. A new, factory-configured system is required.
Quick Start Guide (Enterprise): Intel_Unite_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf
  • This guide contains basic configuration steps for IT administrators to deploy an Intel Unite® Hub in a new IT environment. It assumes little to no pre-existing server infrastructure will be reused for a basic Enterprise Mode deployment.
User Guide (Enterprise and Standalone): Intel_User_Guide.pdf
  • This guide provides training for users (presenters and viewers) on how to use the Client application to connect to a Hub and share content in an Intel Unite® Meeting.
Enterprise Deployment Guide: Intel_Unite_Enterprise_Deployment_Guide.PDF
  • This guide provides an overview of Intel Unite® architecture and requirements, and includes instructions for deploying and configuring on a network in an IT environment in Enterprise Mode.
Standalone Setup Guide: Intel_Unite_Standalone_Setup_Guide.PDF
  • Instructions for setting up a Hub/Client in Standalone Mode without a server, for smaller businesses and deployments 5 or fewer Hubs on a flat network.
Firewall Help Guide: Intel_Unite_Firewall_Help_Guide.pdf
  • Instructions for configuring several common network firewall solutions to allow Intel Unite® connections.
Troubleshooting Guide: Intel Unite Software Troubleshooting Guide.pdf
  • Intel whitepaper highlighting some common trouble spots and solutions for Enterprise Mode Deployment.
Skype for Business Guide: Intel_ Skype for Business Guide.pdf
  • It contains detailed instructions on installing the plugin for Skype for Business as well as information on the key features of the Intel Unite plugin
Guest Access Plugin Guide: Intel Unite Protected Guest Access Plugin Guide.pdf
  • This document explains how to install and use the Intel Unite® plugin for Protected Guest Access on the Intel Unite Solution v3

Other Useful Links:

These links are for general server configuration, but they can be helpful for bare-metal creation of anIntel Unite® Server:





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17 Dec 2021



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