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Enterprise SONiC Distribution Versions

Summary: Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies (also known as Enterprise SONiC) is an enhancement of the SONiC community version. Enterprise SONiC is based on the open-sourceSee more

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Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies is a licensed product sold to customers. 
Customers can download their purchased license keys, installation binaries, and documentation from Dell Digital Locker.
Contact your Dell Sales representative for more information.

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PowerSwitch N3200-ON Series, PowerSwitch S5212F-ON, PowerSwitch S5224F-ON, PowerSwitch S5232F-ON, PowerSwitch S5248F-ON, PowerSwitch S5296F-ON, PowerSwitch Z9100-ON, PowerSwitch Z9264F-ON, PowerSwitch Z9332F-ON

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02 Mar 2021



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