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Summary: This article provides information about Dell EMC Networking sFLOW MIB OIDs.

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Instructions sFlowMIB NODE sFlowAgent NODE sFlowVersion LEAF SnmpAdminString sFlowAgentAddressType LEAF InetAddressType sFlowAgentAddress LEAF InetAddress sFlowRcvrTable NODE sFlowRcvrEntry NODE sFlowRcvrIndex LEAF Integer32 sFlowRcvrOwner LEAF OwnerString sFlowRcvrTimeout LEAF Integer32 sFlowRcvrMaximumDatagramSize LEAF Integer32 sFlowRcvrAddressType LEAF InetAddressType sFlowRcvrAddress LEAF InetAddress sFlowRcvrPort LEAF Integer32 sFlowRcvrDatagramVersion LEAF Integer32 sFlowFsTable NODE sFlowFsEntry NODE sFlowFsDataSource LEAF SFlowDataSource sFlowFsInstance LEAF SFlowInstance sFlowFsReceiver LEAF SFlowReceiver sFlowFsPacketSamplingRate LEAF Integer32 sFlowFsMaximumHeaderSize LEAF Integer32 sFlowCpTable NODE sFlowCpEntry NODE sFlowCpDataSource LEAF SFlowDataSource sFlowCpInstance LEAF SFlowInstance sFlowCpReceiver LEAF SFlowReceiver sFlowCpInterval LEAF Integer32 sFlowMIBConformance NODE sFlowMIBGroups NODE sFlowAgentGroup NODE sFlowMIBCompliances NODE sFlowCompliance NODE  

Table for snmp set objects supported in sFlow mib
No Object Description Force10 Supported snmpset object in E7.8.1
1 sFlowRcvrOwner Specifies config done by CLI/SNMP Yes
2 sFlowRcvrTimeout Specifies time after which sFlow config will be removed Yes
3 sFlowRcvrDatagramVersion Version 5 No
4 sFlowRcvrPort Specifies UDP port number in sFlow server Yes
5 sFlowRcvrMaximumDatagramSize Specifies sFlow datagram size Yes
6 sFlowRcvrAddressType IPV4 only No
7 sFlowRcvrAddress Specifies sFlow server IP Yes
8 sFlowFsMaximumHeaderSize 128 bytes only No
9 sFlowFsReceiver Maps sample-rate to one of the collector Yes
(snmpset will be accepted, but will not take effect in H/W)
10 sFlowFsPacketSamplingRate Specifies sample rate Yes
11 sFlowCpReceiver Maps polling interval to one of the collector Yes
(snmpset will be accepted, but will not take effect in H/W)
12 sFlowCpInterval Specifies polling interval Yes

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