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How to perform the battery test prior to upgrading to Node Firmware Package 10.3.9 or 11.6

Summary: Applying Node Firmware Package (NFP) 10.3.9 or 11.6 or above could cause a node with an aged Battery Backup Unit (BBU) to go into read-only mode.

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The battery test code in the newer firmware recalculates the degradation on the battery. This can cause the wear percentage to increase.

Before upgrading to Node Firmware Package 10.3.9 or 11.6 or newer, you must run a battery test on the nodes using HealthCheck Release Package 34.0.0 or greater. The HealthCheck Release Package can be downloaded from the Drivers and Download page for your OneFS release.


After installation of the HealthCheck Release Package, you can run the battery test by running the following command:

# isi healthcheck run battery_test_status -v

When you run that command it gives you a status name for the command. Use that command with the view command to check the status.


# isi healthcheck run battery_test_status -v
Queued evaluation to run: battery_test_status20221214T1439
# isi healthcheck view battery_test_status20221214T1439

ID: battery_test_status20221214T1439

Checklist: battery_test_status
Overrides: -
Parameters: {}
Run Status: Completed

Result: Fail
CRITICAL 50 [NODE 1] battery_test_status
* Battery 1 has 0 most recent test failures, threshold is 3
* Battery 1 Permanent fault status is False
* Battery 1 Capacity Degradation 421234 mAh, 40.12%
* Battery 1 Replacement required prior to upgrade

Logs: /ifs/.ifsvar/modules/healthcheck/results/evaluations/battery_test_status20221214T1439


If the Battery 1 capacity degradation field is less than 45%, you can proceed with upgrading the Node Firmware Package.


If the Battery 1 capacity degradation field is equal to or greater than 45%, DO NOT INSTALL THE NODE FIRMWARE PACKAGE. Open a service request with support and request a battery backup unit replacement.


In the above example, you must open a service request and replace the Battery Backup Unit before proceeding with the Node Firmware upgrade.


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Isilon A200, Isilon A2000, Isilon F800, Isilon F810, Isilon Gen6, Isilon H400, Isilon H500, Isilon H5600, Isilon H600, Isilon HD400


Isilon NL400, Isilon NL410, Isilon S200, Isilon S210, Isilon X200, Isilon X210, Isilon X400, Isilon X410, PowerScale Archive A300, PowerScale Archive A3000, PowerScale Hybrid H700, PowerScale Hybrid H7000

Last Published Date

21 May 2024



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How To