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How to localize a language on Windows Server 2019

Riepilogo: This article introduces how to change and localize your Windows Server 2019 language.

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This article provides steps to localize a language on Windows Server 2019.


Change the Language of Windows Server 2019


  1. Open the Start menu and click the gear icon.
    HOW16966_en_US__1Windows Start Menu

  2. Click Time & Language.
    HOW16966_en_US__2Time and Language menu

  3. Click Language in the left pane.
    HOW16966_en_US__3Select Language menu

  4. On the Language screen on the right, click Add a language.


    HOW16966_en_US__4icon NOTE: If your language is displayed under the "Preferred languages" section, click it and click the upper arrow to move it top, and go to step 8.


    HOW16966_en_US__5Add a language

  5. On the Choose a language to install screen, select your language from the list and click Next. In this step, the Japanese is selected as an example.
    HOW16966_en_US__6Select the Japanese

  6. On the Install language features screen, check if all items are selected and click Install.
    HOW16966_en_US__7Install language features

  7. If your system can connect to the internet, downloading and installation of a language pack start.


    HOW16966_en_US__4icon If your system in the offline environment where cannot connect to the internet, please download and install the language pack ISO by using method 2 in the Microsoft Technical Information.
    After the installation, return to step 5 and select your language, and click Next. If the following message is displayed, ignore it and click Install.
    You’re currently offline. When you’re connected, go to Language settings, select the language in the list, select Options, and finish downloading.


    HOW16966_en_US__9Language pack install

  8. Click Options of the added language.
    HOW16966_en_US__10Select local language option

  9. On the Language options: screen, check if "Language pack installed" is displayed in the "Language Pack" section and click left arrow icon at the top left corner.
    HOW16966_en_US__11Confirm language pack installed

  10. On the Language screen, select your language from the Windows display language pull-down menu and click Date & time from the left pane.
    HOW16966_en_US__12Display language

  11. On the Date & time screen, select your time zone from the Time zone pull-down menu.
    HOW16966_en_US__13Select time zone

  12. Select Region from the left pane and select your region from the Country or region pull-down menu.
    HOW16966_en_US__14Select region

  13. Scroll down on the Region screen and click Additional date, time, & regional settings under "Related settings".
    HOW16966_en_US__15Region related settings

  14. On the Clock and Region window, click Region.
    HOW16966_en_US__16Clock and region window

  15. On the Region window, open the Administrative tab and click Copy settings in the "Welcome screen and new user accounts" section.
    HOW16966_en_US__17Region window copy settings

  16. On the Welcome screen and new user accounts settings screen, select all items under the "Copy your current setting to" section and click OK.


    HOW16966_en_US__4icon If the dialog box requests restart is displayed, click Cancel in this step.


    HOW16966_en_US__19Welcome screen settings

  17. On the Administrative tab screen, click Change system locale in the "Language for non-Unicode programs" section.
    HOW16966_en_US__20Region window change system locale

  18. On the Region Settings screen, select your region from the Current system locale pull-down menu and click OK.
    HOW16966_en_US__21Region settings

  19. On the dialog box requests restart, click Restart now to restart the system.
    HOW16966_en_US__22Restart now

  20. After restart completed, check if the language of interfaces such as logon screen is changed to the selected language.


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