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Dell Wyse ThinOS Version 9.0 Operating System Release Notes


Known issues

Table 1. Known issuesKnown issues
Issue ID Description
THINOSX-7008 JVDI does not get registered when citrix.pkg is installed after jvdi.pkg.
THINOSX-7148 When the client is restarted with only the wireless network connected, the client tries to log in to Broker agent before receiving the IP address, causing the log in to fail.
THINOSX-7126 Password prompt title is not localized in system GUI.
THINOSX-7120 Signing in using a smart card, AD group policy, and user policy does not work.
THINOSX-7118 System stops responding in sleep mode with active desktop.
THINOSX-7109 Wireless connectivity does not work on Wyse 3040 Thin Client when 5G band is disabled in Admin Policy and then reconnected to the wireless SSID.
THINOSX-7106 Domain name cannot be saved when a row is added for EAP-PEAP-GTC SSID while the domain name is hidden.
THINOSX-7052 An error message that states Cannot start desktop 'TypeError' is displayed when the user clicks the Reconnect button in the Workspace mode Connection Center menu.
THINOSX-7050 Keyboard cannot be used after switching from full screen desktop to window mode desktop.
THINOSX-7041 System does not reboot automatically after installing BIOS by downloading the BIOS.pkg from Wyse Management Suite.
THINOSX-7016 ThinOS stops responding after connecting one ICA session using Imprivata PIW.
THINOSX-7007 Connection Manager is missing after logging in to Citrix Broker agent.
THINOSX-6985 The operating system stops responding when switched to desktop during JVDI video call.
THINOSX-6972 Package version dialog is missing.
THINOSX-6967 Time unit is different in ThinOS local and Admin Policy Tool when Lock Terminal is set as Disabled.
THINOSX-6947 Password that is received from Wyse Management Suite is incorrect.
THINOSX-6946 A notice window is displayed when multiple applications are launched.
THINOSX-6912 The client stops responding when orientation value is changed in mirror mode.
THINOSX-6844 Domain is not displayed in login page when it is set in select group domain list.
THINOSX-6807 The ICA desktop cannot be changed to full screen mode when you use six displays with a 2k resolution.
THINOSX-6634 In an event where multiple WINS servers are set up, only one works well.

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