5 reasons ESG is good for business and the world

Executive Cassandra Garber on why ESG is a business and social imperative.

By Cassandra Garber, VP of ESG, Dell Technologies 

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies align business growth with ethical, sustainable practices, ultimately tackling some of the world’s great challenges.

Whether this means implementing new manufacturing processes that minimize waste, building a future workforce that’s as inclusive and diverse as the world in which we live or partnering to tackle issues as significant as climate change, ESG is how every company should be thinking about the future of business.

To create value for your company, people and the planet, a strong ESG strategy:
1. Mitigates risk.

Robust management and performance on environmental and social issues serves as a proxy for a well-run and responsible company, enabling improved operations and profitability.

2. Innovates through challenges.

From finding new ways to reuse existing materials to building diversity and inclusion into talent processes, products and business models, ESG turns challenges into meaningful opportunities for growth and innovation.

3. Builds trust.

A company people can trust and believe in is a company they will support. ESG empowers businesses to build strong partnerships across their communities and value chain, and helps ensure all stakeholders are considered as a key part of any solution.

4. Adopts stakeholder capitalism.

ESG balances the expectations of employees, customers, partners, communities and shareholders when making integral business decisions. It sets more places at the table.

5. Creates meaningful impact.

The opportunities for ESG are endless. Companies can improve people’s lives through healthcare, education, sustainability and digital inclusion, among a host of other topics, enabling companies to double-down on core values and act boldly to create real change for the success of their business and society.

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