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Celebrating an incredible journey of innovation and transformation, Dell PowerEdge servers mark their 30th anniversary at the forefront of technological excellence. Over three decades, PowerEdge has not just evolved; it’s revolutionized the way we think about computing, including AI, hyperscale and edge applications. This milestone reflects our commitment to pushing boundaries and shaping the future for our customers.

We’re pleased to announce an exciting expansion of the PowerEdge server lineup, introducing two new additions and two updated Dell PowerEdge servers to our portfolio. These latest products underscore Dell’s dedication to innovation and customer-centric design. The two new R670 and R770 CSP Edition cloud scale servers are designed for scale-out workloads and tailored for cloud service providers (CSPs). These new CSP Edition servers will initially be available to CSPs, with general availability later. The updated T160 and R260 entry platforms present a compelling blend of cutting-edge technology in a smaller footprint tailored to our customer needs.

Dell PowerEdge R770 server - edge - cloud - multicloud - Dell - Technologies
Dell PowerEdge R770 server.

The R670 and R770 CSP Edition cloud-scale servers are designed with optimal power efficiency and cost effectiveness in large and diverse environments. The T160 and R260 prioritize price for performance and compact design. Both categories of products offer unique features to meet the demands of modern data centers and near-edge computing environments.

The PowerEdge R670 and R770 CSP Edition 1U and 2U servers represent a pivotal development in Dell’s design and manufacturing process. These new systems are built using a Data Center – Modular Hardware System architecture or DC-MHS. This architecture supports a flexible and scalable hardware architecture needed in data centers to allow for the easy integration, swapping, upgrading or scaling of hardware components such as servers, storage and networking equipment. It also enables quick adjustments to hardware components to support changing data processing requirements. Designed using this new architecture, the R670 and R770 CSP Editions will support high-density and scale-out workloads more efficiently, reducing their power consumption without a compromise in performance.

Powered by Intel Xeon 6 Processors with E-Cores, Dell’s R670 and R770 CSP Edition servers deliver up to 2.3 times more performance per rack than the previous generation.1 These servers feature Dell Smart Cooling technology, making them ideal for large, multi-vendor data centers that require a balance between power efficiency and performance. They also offer versatile configurations, including front I/O configurations, which allow for cold aisle access for faster deployment and easier maintenance. Additionally, Dell PowerEdge Cloud Scale Servers are offered with Open Server Manager built on OpenBMC™, simplifying the transition to an open ecosystem.

Dell PowerEdge T160 server - - edge -cloud - multicloud - Dell - Dell Technologies
Dell PowerEdge T160 server.

The exclusive CSP series is offered through the exclusive Hyperscale Next program tailored for cloud service providers, including hosters and B2B/B2C services. Benefits include early access to new technology and pre-configured platforms with performance tuning for rapid deployment and scalability. Additionally, ProDeploy Factory Configuration service streamlines large-scale deployments by pre-configuring servers to your specifications, reducing administrative hours by 115 per 100 servers.2 As a CSP, act now to purchase these servers, available exclusively through our Hyperscale Next program for cloud service providers  If you think you qualify, contact your Dell account executive.

The PowerEdge T160 and R260 servers represent a new era of compact, yet powerful computing. Giving you double the performance with the Intel E-processors,3 the T160 and R260 embody sustainability and space-saving design with powerful compute. At almost half the footprint (42%)4 of its predecessor, the stackable T160 offers a lower carbon footprint and uses sustainable materials including recycled steel and an unpainted chassis. It’s also up to 23% more power efficient.5

The R260’s footprint is also significantly smaller (24%), which increases its versatility. The latest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers feature recycled steel and come shipped in 100% recycled and reused packaging.

Dell PowerEdge R260 server - edge -cloud - multicloud - Dell - Dell Technologies
Dell PowerEdge R260 server.

In addition to the smaller chassis, the T160 and R260 have bezels that filter out foreign elements like dirt and grease for increased flexibility in deployment. They’re adept at addressing small and medium businesses’ needs and real-time data processing at near-edge installations. The T160 is purpose built using recycled materials and caters to businesses aiming to achieve sustainability goals without compromising on enterprise-level compute. The R260 packs a lot of cost-effective performance and energy efficiency in a compact design for web hosting and virtualization.

These new servers combine energy-efficient, high-density computing with eco-friendly, compact designs, offering flexibility, reliability and scalability for diverse operational environments and workloads. They feature open systems management, robust deployment services and advanced security options, facilitating streamlined setup, easy maintenance and robust protection.

With state-of-the-art cooling technologies, Intel Xeon processor support and environmentally conscious designs, Dell PowerEdge is ideally suited for modern data centers and edge computing by offering an optimal mix of performance, sustainability and security. We listen to our customers and deliver server designs that support what they need to win and future-proof their IT infrastructure amidst the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

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1 David Dam – claim: SRF vs Cascade Lake 2.3x more performance per rack
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