Three Simple Steps to Improve Your Security Posture

Fortify your organization’s security and stay one step ahead of emerging threats with the new Security Spotlight podcast.

The security landscape is in a constant state of evolution, with rapid changes taking place in recent years. Many of today’s security measures leave businesses vulnerable to cyberthreats, necessitating organizations invest in robust security solutions and establish security-aware cultures. As cyberattacks continue to rise and their consequences escalate, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right security approach.

Yet, choosing the right security approach is no easy task either. For that reason, we’re introducing Security Spotlight, a bi-weekly podcast series from Dell Technologies dedicated to educating our audience about the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures and the benefits of a modern security approach. The podcast will feature Dell voices and external subject matter experts engaging in discussions covering a range of security topics, including different approaches to Zero Trust, the role of generative AI in security, reducing the attack surface, cyber threat detection and response, rapid recovery from attacks, taking advantage of professional services to help you close your experience gaps and how to advance your cybersecurity or Zero Trust maturity in your organization. Our ultimate goal is to equip listeners with insights from trusted professionals, enabling them not only to comprehend potential security limitations, but also to receive valuable advice on enhancing their security posture.

For the inaugural Security Spotlight episode, Transform Security with Confidence, Steve Kenniston joined the podcast to discuss starting points organizations can implement today to improve their security posture. First, we talk about how organizations can improve their protection. Next, we discuss the importance of a resiliency plan. And finally, we talk about choosing the right partner for your security journey.

Before jumping into the technology, we hit on some important topics organizations should think about as they being to plan their own security strategy, such as doing a security audit or assessment, classifying data or applications to know what to recover first, educating employees and ensuring a documented incident response plan that the core team has practiced.

IT security always begins with protection, encompassing various forms of safeguarding measures, including integrating security into the foundation of technology. While protection is vital, it’s not foolproof, making resilience planning equally crucial. Cyber resilience assumes attacks are inevitable, shifting focus from prevention to efficient recovery with minimal disruption and loss. Implementing a proactive approach to downtime ensures recovery from cyberattacks.

In this episode, we also discuss how security success is really a team sport, requiring a trusted partner that brings more than just features to the table. Confidence, an important pillar of security, emphasizes the value of selecting the right partner with scale, innovation and foundational resources like key partnerships and supply chain security. Dell stands as a trusted end-to-end partner, driving innovation for emerging realities like Zero Trust. Dell’s global IT presence, powerful partner ecosystem and streamlined path to authentic Zero Trust position it as the clear choice for organizations seeking a comprehensive security solution.

As the security landscape evolves, so must our approach to protecting organizations. By embracing the security lifestyle journey, investing in protection, resilience and trusting in a reputable partner like Dell, businesses can navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity terrain with confidence. Together, we can fortify our organizations and stay one step ahead of emerging threats, ensuring a secure future for all.

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About the Author: Maxwell Robidoux

Max Robidoux is a Senior Advisor for the Portfolio Marketing Team, with a focus on the security portfolio. In this role, he is responsible for producing impactful security content that not only demystifies security and Zero Trust for non-technical audiences, but also positions Dell as a partner that helps organizations solve their biggest security challenges. Max has been at Dell Technologies for four years, with prior roles on the Data Protection marketing team. Prior to joining Dell, Max worked as a research technician at Massachusetts General Hospital. Max holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.