When the Going Gets Tough, the PowerEdge XR2 Gets Going

Presenting the Small but Mighty PowerEdge XR2

Picture a tiny, tough, mobile data center that packs a punch, fits into the tightest of spots, takes pretty much everything that might be thrown at it right on the chin, and still comes out fighting. You’ve got it – it’s the latest addition to the PowerEdge family – the brand new XR2.

Ideal for Tough Conditions and Tight Spaces

Part of our latest family of 14th generation servers, the XR2 offers the latest and greatest industry-first security features and enhanced systems management, but with the added benefit of being small, lightweight and rugged. This server is ideal for situations where you cannot use a standard-sized server, due to space limitations or tough conditions, but you still need a lot of compute power, close to the action, maybe for fog computing, virtualization, analytics or mass storage.

Light, Tough and Resistant

The XR2 measures just 52.5 cm (20.67 inches) rack depth and is lightweight at a maximum weight of 13kg (28lbs). It is resistant to shock and vibration plus capable of operating in temperatures of up to 45 degrees C° (113F°). In fact, it can tolerate 55 degrees C° for up to eight hours and is certified suitable for telecom and military use in situations, where failure is frankly not an option. The XR2 features an optional filtered bezel for improved dust protection. Compliant with DNV, IEC 60945, and MIL-STD-810G, this little beauty has optional, rugged sliding rails for installation in standard four-post racks or in transit cases.

Additional Security

In addition to all the usual PowerEdge security features that you have come to know and love, a common access card reader on the XR2 provides additional authentication. If, for whatever reason, you need to get out of dodge in a hurry, instead of taking a hammer to the server or being forced to pull out and carry the hard drives, all you need to do is simply remove the common access card reader and the server is rendered useless with all the data automatically encrypted.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

In what situations would you need to use the XR2? Perhaps, you are an emergency responder, saving lives in the back of an ambulance? Maybe you work on a dusty factory floor or busy construction site? You could be sitting in the back of a Humvee in the desert on covert, military operations and need satellite communications to send critical information back to HQ. It is hot, dusty and sandy. If a mortar blows up a half a mile away, the server needs to remain operational. If so, the XR2 is right down your alley.

Alternatively, you could be running video surveillance operations on a large ship, down in the greasy engine room, dealing with vibrations caused by waves and high winds. Or you are perhaps doing mapping and spatial analytics on an oil rig in the Arctic in sub-zero temperatures. In all these situations, without a server, you have no way of filtering the data, making calculations on the fly, or conducting analytics at the edge. Everything must go back to the data center, resulting in delays and negative impact to cost, bandwidth, latency and storage. The good news is that in all these scenarios, the PowerEdge XR2 will shine.

Consistency From the Data Center to the Field

The XR2 reflects our 20 years plus experience in developing award-winning server technology. Other vendors tend to farm the technology out but we own the process end-to-end and are responsible for development, maintenance, sales and support. With this server, you get all the key tenets of the PowerEdge family – high performance, versatility, high storage availability, enterprise-grade, industry-leading components, flexible configuration options, global support, and the enhanced systems management of standard and OEM-ready servers.

IT Infrastructure Solutions for Every Environment

I’m guessing that when you hear the word “server”, you probably pictured racks in a secure, temperature-controlled data center environment with redundant connections to the Internet, power direct from one or more local utilities, diesel generators, vast banks of batteries and huge cooling systems. But, you can now add an image of the small, tough, lightweight PowerEdge XR2 on the move!

I believe that Dell provides modern IT infrastructure solutions for every possible environment with the PowerEdge XR2 delivering Tier 1 quality and support to customers, who need rugged, small and powerful servers.

I would love to hear your reactions and answer your questions.


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